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  • unitedfood unitedfood Sep 10, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

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    As anyone who cares to check I have been posting on Yahoo message boards offering my perspective since 1999. If there is anyone posting still with a member since before that date we should all get together as being Yahoo MVPs (most valuable posters)... because unless we were successful investors we simply would not still be around. Do we make mistakes from time to time? Do we miss things? Sure. One of the ones that I admittedly missed was LULU a while back. I just did not see how popular they had become. And honestly I still do not get LULU. For the last several years I would walk by the local LULU store and it would for the most part be empty. It appeared to me that they could not be profitable. Perhaps other locations were doing better and indeed that may have been the case. At some level my suspicion that the store I would walk by was not a winner was confirmed recently. It closed. Yep "my" LULU store closed. Of course they are not saying it closed. They are saying they are relocating. And to a certain extent that is true. Probably the same employees will work at the new location at the mall in the next suburb over. But honestly if the first location was doing so well... no need to close it... simply open the one at the mall and keep the one in town here. I am revealing this information/perspective about LULU because they are reporting on Friday from what I understand. Looks like LULU got an upgrade yesterday going into earnings. But honestly, I still do not get LULU and am not investing in it. Maybe I will once again miss that one and it will do gangbusters again. But my gut tells me to stay away.

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    • "Looks like LULU got an upgrade yesterday going into earnings. But honestly, I still do not get LULU and am not investing in it..."

      had you listened to that analyst you would be crying in your soup today...

      my mantra for lo these many years has been "open your eyes" when you do you will see not only lulu stores relocating ie closing..... you see under armour actually taking market share and

      the "underarmourization" of america taking place

      best to all longs,

      doc ufood

    • just wanted to correct an error in my prior post...... i said lulu is reporting friday. that is incorrect. they are reporting tomorrow, Thursday.

    • Unitedfood,

      I remember when this stock first hit the Yahoo message boards. I was over on the Nike board pumping this stock and declared the Nike board as the official UA board until they got their own. I havent been invested in UA up until the last 6 months because i lost interest in them. I thought all their clothes were boring with boring colors. Now they have the best looking stuff on the streets. Everywhere i look now people are wearing that UA logo!
      Ive made enough money off of UA stock to pay for my entire UA wardrobe 10 times over. I have been buying their products off and on since they were still new in the sporting goods stores.

    • I will confess to one other recent blunder.... FIVE....A friend of mine recommended that company and I heard Cramer talking it up on Friday... I did not invest there and so yea

      I missed FIVE....

      That one is on fire today.... talk about the power of young folk!

      doc ufood

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      • I've been watching FIVE since the IPO. Being from the Philly area, I know they are a popular store among teens and they have been opening up stores with the intent to expand quite a bit across the country in the near future. The other thing that will make their growth sustainable for a long term is that they really do make good decisions when turning over their inventory to keep in line with the trends. If I were you, I wouldn't be kicking myself over the move today. It's got some volatility to it and when this market does decide to take a turn, there is going to be a good buying opportunity. Not sure when that will be the case, but patience with this one will prove worthy. Hang in there on this one.

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