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  • cybercash007 cybercash007 Nov 13, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    the_vulture_is_here ALSO SHORTED BBY @ $22


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    • LOL, sport.

      I've literally shorted BBY a couple hundred times in the past 4 months.....and several hundred more times over the past 5 years......

      So what's your point?

      Do you think I just short and blindly hold?

      I'm a trader sport. I've traded BBY, both long and short many times in ONE day.

      So again, what's your point?.......other than to prove that you are a COMPLETE MORON......and just made a COMPLETE FOOL of yourself, because you don't know the difference between a "TRADER" and a blind faith CHEERLEADING LONG INVESTOR.

      Get an education, sport........perhaps then you won't look like such an IDIOT when you post.

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