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  • advisorydoc advisorydoc Nov 13, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    Possibility of a DECK UA merger

    think about it

    what synergy

    DECK is strong with women
    UA with men

    DECK is strong with footwear
    UA is strong with apparel

    DECK's HOKA and UA's running offerings could merge easily and have
    instant credibility


    think about it

    food for thought

    doc ufood

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    • Hey Doc! Hope you have been doing well. I had to stop lurking and make my first post in quite a while when I saw this one from you. Not trying to be hard to get along with but that sounds like a really bad idea. I like the acquisition of MapMyFitness better. At least it helps the UA brand itself and does not water things down. Kevin Plank didn't come this far to dilute the power he has built into the UA name by merging with DECK. At least I hope not. Still long my original position less half I sold when they split. Been building up a smaller position in another acct to trade a bit. But have not done so yet, just adding small amounts to it on dips. Slowly building. No rush with this stock, It looks to grow for a very long time. Just getting going overseas too.
      I'm still looking forward to and waiting for UA's addition to the S&P500. That will cause a nice pop when shorts have to cover. That will be ugly for those that are caught large. Anyway, good luck and good fortune!

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      • It's a terrible idea. No way would executives concede power to one another. Plank hates to lose.

      • gjp -- no problem

        i just think that deck and ua would complement each other's weaknesses

        deck has a great laser focus on women
        ua on men

        deck is strong with footwear
        ua obviously has fallen short there

        deck is strong internationally
        ua is not

        ua is strong with athletes especially footballers
        deck understands runners (by the way if you did not know this
        deck bought a great company called HOKA ONE ONE -- they have
        a revolutionary shoe that is going to be HUGE)

        think about it

        food for thought,

        doc ufood

    • oh please. You don;t get that UA despite its high valuation is still a small cap company with almost no international credibility.

      You think KP and company are looking to try and build other brands at the same time they are trying to grow their own?

      Seriously, food for thought my #$%$ You're wasting time thinking about things that won't happen for obvious reasons. Both business's are doing fine on their own, no need to merge.

      Clueless. Wasting time.


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