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  • kms8888 kms8888 Oct 3, 2007 12:26 PM Flag

    Why is this so weak??? Shorts on it???

    It really is amazing, this thing was slated to quickly re-visit 75 but 60 is more likely now.

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    • If you look at the chart it always pulls back before making a new high. TSL, JASO and YGE are down today too.

    • I do not get it

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      • LDK is getting sold with most of the big name China Stocks. You have to be patient in this one, it is very volatile so buy on dips and don't chase it.

      • Today I chalk LDK 3% descent to the strongly red hang sang and slightly red dow. Although YGE (owned), CSUN, CSIQ up today, CSUN big. Looks about 50/50 red green on my sector watch. TSL (owned) also down 2%. These may change by close of course, now mid market time.

        Since I'm on 10 day trend trade schedule getting anxious about the last weeks downtrend. If have to sell next week will keep watching to join the uptrend, and hope not miss the big morning gap. LDK didn't close green on the solar sector green days, so has been more difficult to predict. I still sense it rising strongly fairly soon, so painfully hold on. Will be wrong about this one for the week unless enjoy suprise tommorrow.

        Correct on 6 out of 7 stocks this week. Moderate failure on LDK since I've held 1 week and now down high -10% (owned TSL & YGE up well though, and TSL largest holding). Yet, since I can hold a bit longer (while its flat or sinking), LDK may still win green in the end, chances look lower today, but not worse that 50%.

        Good luck!