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  • solarexpert solarexpert Nov 7, 2007 4:35 PM Flag

    Solar Stocks Sane in a Sea of Insanity

    This country (not all of it), its hedge funds, crooked creeps, TV talkers, and all republicans are fucked up.

    I think hedge funds are becoming a national security threat as they must tear this market apart to recover their short position bets. They are taking the whole country down to make their money, and won't even pay taxes on it because they pay off everyone as necessary.

    These creeps have been raiding the solar stocks for months as they trade profits and accumulate deep positions at the end of the day.

    Now these creeps are on our side, and while I enjoy the next leg of this trip very much, it's still a disgrace. The solar stocks including the Chinese ADRs are an island in a sea of red.

    Every time I venture one inch out of this area I know so well, it crashes out. I learned this years ago and decided to broaded a bit this time since I've made so much. But everything else doesn't work. I'm back in this sector in pure terms from now on out. Jim Cramer's diversification can go to hell.

    Now I have to live with the mafia on my side, protecting the territory, and I'll do it because that's just the way it is.

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    • Hi "solar": The Wall Street machine is still running, but its starting to make some noises, and groans, as it finds itself running up against stronger and more widespread headwinds. Each time a group of shareholders goes through an experience such as LDK, all the while, with Wall Street and Co. (meaning Dow Jones/News Corp) alienating more and more people, the machine drops a nut here and a bolt there.

      The machine is breaking down, slowly but surely. The advent of the internet with online brokerages cutting out the commisioned brokers, open forum blogs and message boards, and free-thinking persons recognizing that they are just as able, just as "qualified", and just as understanding of risk as the blowhards of Wall Street, the machine sinks deeper into its own morass of stink, corruption, and malfeasance.

      I tip my hat and give respect (not always easy for those I am lampooning to see) to each and every person on these message boards. The common factor of all of us, short, long, novice, or seasoned, is we are doing it on our own - we just don't need the self-serving, crass, and fraudulent pigs that occupy the buildings of Wall Street, and their side-kick media sources such as the WSJ, and Barron's.

      Long Live the Free Mind, The King Is Dead.

    • Echo the view. It is just insane! We are in the middle of the huge change from too many aspects. Sad and yet have to make that $$$.

    • When I wake up tomorrow morning, if I sell all my many call option contracts, I will be able to pay off my house, home equity loan and have money left over. I have options in every solar company, most bought at low prices.

      I've been writing this stuff for months and I hope someone has been listening. It's strange but my emotions are anger toward everything going on.

      Even with all this, it's still not too late. What will happen in the next 10 years is unimagineable.