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  • vegf1 vegf1 Dec 15, 2007 11:39 PM Flag

    LDK will up next week no matter what news.

    LDK consolidated one extra day the past week compared to a week ago, because overall market was down a lot. Next week, market recover, LDK will ride the wave higher. If AR/ER comes, LDK will close at $90 on Friday OE.

    In 2009, LDK will have 1600MW wafer and 16000 Tons of silicon capacity, will it stop there? NO! Don't be surprised by another double in capacity by 2011. Yes, silicon business will be very competitive, LDK will knock out all competitors with full goverment support. Local Goverment wants to have a $150billion solar/silicon industry, LDK is the key to that plan.

    Solar industry will be as big as internet, it's just Year 1995 of internet age, LDK will be Google of solar industry.

    LDK will be listed on Shanghai A shares in 2008,
    $500 by end of 2009! Total Market cap of 50Billion!

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