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  • phreecash phreecash Jun 29, 2008 10:40 AM Flag


    As history indicates on this board, shorts are a real stubborn lot. I presume as usual, they will to a large degree, not cover. That immediately makes "long" shares the only shares on the table. The question is "How long are the longs?" or "When will a long sell?"

    I would think in light of this contract, the Long sell trigger point just moved up significantly.

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    • I hope your correct phree. We need a bump on Monday (a good one) to keep some of the short term longs to hold. With the market being very shaky I think many are scared to hold. For myself I'm in a different position. I'm keeping my fingers crossed - Legs too.

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      • Markets rise
        Markets fall
        Buy low
        Sell high

        It takes nerves of steel. Right now, LDK is low and a buy. Here is the reasoning.

        1) Current price is not at the 1 year analysts expectation
        2) Current analysts expectation does not factor in this huge contract
        3) Market fell making a fire sale
        4) Peng knows, Peng owns 75%. Tells us something doesn't it?
        5) Solar should go up as oil goes up since oil energy cost becomes closer to break even. Solar has moved in the incorrect direction requiring a solar correction to the positive.
        6) Solar is an efficient use for roofing space.
        7) Global warming requires alternate energy. Sometimes it takes a while for the leadership to pull their heads out of the sand but burying ones head in the sand does not make the global warming issue go away.
        8) Solar is a reasonable way to make use of areas that cannot be developed due to high water tables or land locked areas or cheap properties (desert areas with high sun). Property owners now have a way to "farm" these areas.
        9) Ethics of oil vs solar/wind.
        10) Longs (total cumulative) position just changed with this news
        11) FPE signals long term buy with current FPE not reflecting the effects of this contract and next years revenue.
        12) News release Monday on the financial pages for Yahoo, Google, and the like from multiple sources (CSIQ, LDK) and other solar news sites
        13) Confirmation of new booked business slated to partially fill the new poly plant. Expectations of more to follow.
        14) Realization there is yet another "add" to capacity next year and likely expectation of the same success that is just being confirmed now with increase contracts.
        15) Shorts must cover because they are greedy and will not risk this level of loss.
        16) Warren is now spewing his BS. Even he knows he's #$%^&% Monday.