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  • phreecash phreecash Jul 7, 2008 9:51 PM Flag

    Solar - A bold plan to end dependency on oil

    Bold title indeed! Right now there are many of you that figure solar will help to reduce our dependency on oil. But what if I told you that there is a much more grandiose plan involving solar arrays placed in space with power beamed to Earth. Crazy? Not really when you consider the scattering and absorbing effects of the atmosphere. Don't believe me? Check this out!
    Imagine the effect of placing solar arrays in space... 1366 watts per sq. meter versus 250 watts. That means 1366/250 efficiency increase alone when exposed to sunlight. Wait a minute. An orbiting solar power plant would be exposed to the Sun for 24 hours per day whereas land based systems really only get 8 hours of usable solar energy a day. That's an additional 3x increase on top of the increase in watts availiable in space. Okay... some math!

    1366/250 = 5.464 (Power density increase)
    5.464 x 3 = 16.392 (Power generation time increase)
    So what does this mean? It means, it is over 16 times more efficient to farm solar rays in space! Considering our terafirma based analysis is nearing grid parity in some area's, this offers a solution that provides excess energy.
    We currently project Solar PV will make up 10-20% of our power requirements in 10 years base on terafirma solutions. That means we need 5 times more power to completely eliminate need for oil, coal, gas, nuclear, and hydro power plants. Clearly, this plan using Solar can deliver in a very big way delivering more than 3 times the needed power required by the average household!
    So who is building the poly-silicon engine for the future. You are here! LDK Solar.