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  • mdbcolorado1 mdbcolorado1 Oct 30, 2008 9:11 AM Flag

    Recession deepening; Obama will take from those making $100,000

    As the recession deepens, Obama will have to take from those earning less and less. It started with $250,000 now it is down to $150,000 and as the recession deepens, it will be those making $100,000.

    Take from those making $100,000 and give to those who do not work - free food, free medical.
    Forcefully take from those making $100,000 and give to those in need.

    Who needs to work - free food, free medical.

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    • AIG according to analyst went down due to credit default swaps. They gave derivatives/CDS insurance to just about everyone. And yes their executive and employees made multi-millions/billions since CDS were legalized in 1999/2000.

      Sorry for your loss.

      But both Democrats and Republicans and Greenspan and Freddie and Fannie and wall street greed are to blame.

      I just think that Obama and the Democrats will take us QUICKLY towards free food for all and free medical for all based on tax payers backs.

      And that is NOT appealing to me.

    • disintegratedcommsolutions disintegratedcommsolutions Oct 30, 2008 10:23 AM Flag

      By the way, moron, I know the Republican line is that "Jimmy Carter paved the way to give mortgages to minorities, and it was those damn spooks who crashed the markets." First of all, blacks are 12% of the population, they don't have the money to crash the world economy, that took a special breed of greedy, sleazy phuck known as a Republican. Think about it moron, Jimmy Carter was in office thirty years ago, if he were to blame the housing market would have crashed in the eighties. Have you ever wondered why wealth redistibuting Republicans just gave an INSURANCE company (AIG) $100,000,000 worth of MY money? What poor people did AIG give mortgages to? Uhhhh...well....let's see....none. So why did they fail?

    • 60 Minutes said it started in October of the Clinton Administration. It legalized Credit Default Swaps after being illegal for 80 years.

    • disintegratedcommsolutions disintegratedcommsolutions Oct 30, 2008 10:18 AM Flag

      I USED to be a millionaire, until Phil Gramm decided to deregulate the credit default swap markets, and gave mortgage companies permission to give homes to anyone with a pulse, regardless of their ability to pay. Now my houses are both down by one third and my stock portfolio is down 50%. It's hilarious to watch you assholes scream about socialism after your party just nationalized the banking system because they'd managed to crash the world market.

    • I am so sick of republicans who substitute their own opinions and made up sh^t for facts. A moment's thought is askign way too much of you neanderthals.

      Obama will be the first afro-american President. He knows there is much at stake. He must hold things together and steer an honest and straight policy line. He will disown the far left and conduct a Clinton-class policy Presidency (without Monica-gate).

      Why don't you sit for a moment, on the potty, and figure it out. You are a loser. You have nothing to gain by keeping Bush-McCain-class crooks in power. The changes will be natural and real, and you would gain by them.

      I know you can't think for yourself. You need Mommy and Daddy and Rush to tell you what to think and believe. But maybe if you try real hard, when you're on the potty, something new and original might pop into your little head.

    • edwardsdesigns Oct 30, 2008 9:21 AM Flag

      I have family memebers who live like this. They actually refused to send their learning disabled daughter to school and for training so that she wouldnt get a job and they wouldnt lose their $700.00 check. She is 44 now. She has never had a friend, boyfriend, school or a job. The US laws are there to help her. Her parents are holding her hostage for a check. We all know people who are doing this. We have reported them to no avail. The state doesnt care. when food stamps dwindled down in numbers they advertised to give away more.

    • McCain will tax to take lifes in more wars
      Obama will tax to save lifes with improved health care.

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      • edwardsdesigns Oct 30, 2008 9:41 AM Flag

        My son is in Iraq, he is been there three times. The pictures h emails home are not the pictures reported by the Liberal media. They are helping kids go to school and the stand guard andprotect them while they do. They are not raiding villages and killing civilians.

      • Social spending is costing $1.6 trillion dollars this year. The war costs $300 billion. Social spending is increasing by $100 billion per year. It is the major factor as to why we have a deficit. The war and cost of debt are small in comparison. When one thinks about the $850 billion that your guy wants to give away to other countries, you have to wonder whether the money comes from. It comes from you and me. And what doesn't will lead to a significant reduction in the dollar.
        We are on an unsustainable path of spending. Social spending is 1/8th the GDP! And increasing faster than the growth in GDP. Get real with your little comment. It is completely overshadowed by a very real, ominous situation that our country faces. We are bankrupt, and your guy wants to spending even more. It's bewildering.

      • Hey Brown,
        The war is costing what, $300 billion a year? A lot of money right? We are spending $1.6 trillion this year on social programs. That is over 5 times the amount of money as the war. And it is increasing by $100 billion per year. And Obama wants to give another $850 billion to countries who are less fortunate.
        Countries who are less fortunate. We're stone cold broke and he wants to give it to Australia? No. Europe? No. Asia? No. South America? No. So that leaves the Middle East and ....Africa. Are you kidding me?
        Nice little saying you have there....but very uninformed.

      • Yes give me better medical for free
        Yes feed me for free - America is great
        I need not ever work again: Obama Obama

    • Since you can't attack Obama's official policy positions, you resort to making them up.