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  • crackheadmike1234 crackheadmike1234 Jul 1, 2009 10:10 AM Flag

    Quite sad 0.25%


    It is quite sad when a purporte stellar industry leading company starts pumping miniscule contracts as a form to pmp up the company.

    5 1 MW contracts is jsut 0.25% of the original 2009 guidance.

    All of this and they have to pay for and keep the wafers on their books accounting for waht LDK will ship wafers as if they are sold, count them on their books but add to liabilities and Accounts receivables.

    All they need is another 650 of these to have current low end guidance meet original guidance for 2009.

    Quite sad when the purported pre-eminent wafer companies these pumpers proclaim must resort to such shikaenery in order to sell their products.

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    • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Jul 1, 2009 11:03 PM Flag

      crackhead mike

      This company has had so many exaggerated and complete bs prs I agree with the longs when they say Ldk seperated itself from any other solar company, I agree.

      Even the total pos companies like Akns solf csun have more credibility then LDK, and that is quite sad.

      Many new longs or one in the same, STUCK bagholders, who will no doubt hang on back to 7-8 area even though for once the company was honest when they said nothing better or new will happen for at least the next 6 months! About 180 days of drifting down and adding more new bagholders.

      But perhaps the most important thing pumpers who can and do post 40 times a day to give the false impression a lot of people are long or interested in being long LDK, like IBCU old pumper scum that care nothing about the new bagholders they reel into LDK

      Yet back to the most important news. A former LDK lead quality control tech said I will not lie for LDK management about the terrible quality of junk, unuseable tonnage and the amount, off buy 600,000 or so tons approximate, maybe more or less.

      If you like to gamble or go long LDK fine, just have just as many put contracts monthly in case the lies and deciet catch up to management and Zero becomes reality.

    • LDK dropped 56% from $30.02 to $13.12.

      When Crack bashed LDK in Q2 2009, LDK went up 78% from $6.34 to $11.28.

      Quite sad going against the price trend.

    • you are pist that LDK is selling wafers... LOL

      (roughly 6400/MW... so LDK is going to get rid of 64,000 wafers in ITALY alone)

      what is quite sad is that you only got LDK down .27% today...

      now get off you ass and get me some REALLY CHEAP shares!!!

      CHOP CHOP!!!


    • SHORTY, You cant keep this stock down forever.

    • ARE YOU STILL ENJOYING YOUR 250,000 loss jack ass

    • Canadian Solar Completes Two Solar Demonstration Projects for Suzhou City Hall in China
      Tuesday 06/09/2009 6:30 AM ET - Market Wire

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      CSIQ 12.52 3.30%

      As of 10:14 AM ET 7/1/09
      Canadian Solar Inc. ("the Company," "Canadian Solar" or "we") (NASDAQ: CSIQ) today announced the successful completion of two solar demonstration projects on the Suzhou Municipal City Hall with a combined system size of 29.5 kWp.

      Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO, remarked, "We are very proud to work with the Suzhou government. These two projects, conceptualized last year, were invested in by the Suzhou municipality government alone and before the introduction of subsidies for solar photovoltaic building applications in China by the Ministry of Finance in March 2009. The Suzhou government is one of the leading municipal governments in China to realize the importance of promoting the PV industry for its sustainable growth portfolio."

      The Suzhou City Hall solar demonstration projects are composed of 96 solar powered light posts and two solar powered parking lots for electric scooters. The solar light posts are designed to provide power at night for 4 to 6 consecutive nights and under rainy or cloudy weather conditions. Canadian Solar engineers designed a dual system so that it will automatically switch from solar to grid electricity working mode when the battery voltage is low, but switch back to solar power mode when the batteries are charged. The two solar powered parking lots for electric scooters can each charge 50 scooters on a sunny day through inverters. Storage batteries are not required. On cloudy or rainy days, the solar charging system will automatically switch to grid electricity.


      29.5 kw (kilowatts) VS. (2) TWO 5MW (5 MEGAWATSS)solar POWER PLANTS in ITALY!!!