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  • gruen7 gruen7 Jul 27, 2009 6:10 AM Flag

    ldk wfr only 2 stars from Morningstar

    CSUN SOL had 3

    LDK should pullback soon but you never know

    the small market cap solars have not run at all, so they are just getting started.

    Morningstar is much more reliable then say the motley fool that whores stocks out or Barrons that specializes in hit pieces like Needham

    Needham did a hitpiece on Palm at 9

    You see how that worked out, Yang was the author, you should send him an email as to what as asswipe he is.

    Basically if Morningstar does not like LDK, I don't either, I never got over the trust I lost for LDK management over the whole polysilicon weight question and unuseable portions, quality concerns from a quality control employee that quit.

    Course the ldk longs will pump away and not want to talk about that, say I am short, wish I was, too long CSUN to be short this crap.

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    • Morningstar is a backwards indicator. By the time the stock is flying high, they then give it additional stars. I remember looking at their ratings when the Janus capital funds were kicking ass at the end of 1999. If you got in to them via Morningstar recc's, you wld have been killed.