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  • jjmacauley jjmacauley Mar 18, 2011 7:53 PM Flag

    Chinese solars won't play with wall street?

    I enjoyed all of the commentary. Good discussion. Thanks.

    Why isn't LDK $50 per share (5 Yr. Growth Rate (25%) x Projected 2011 Earnings ($2.34)????

    Answer: Technical formation is not yet indicating "Must Buy".

    It is however, indicating "All Clear, Can Buy".

    I suspect Improving Fundamentals for the Industry, spurred on by events in Japan, will stimulate the thinking of some fund managers - thereby improving the technical picture of companies like LDK.

    I think we're just a little early - and that's a good thing.

    Early bird......and all that.

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    • I think LDK will earn between $3 and $4 in 2011.

      LDK is not at $50, in my opinion, because of the debt mountain + anti-Chinese sentiment in the market + risk adversity + market not understanding solar + dependency on subsidies + no dividend (funds want divs).

      When debt comes down - that alone will help LDK big time.