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  • midnightrambler108 midnightrambler108 Jun 7, 2011 10:41 PM Flag

    Yahoo Updated it!!!!!!!!!

    Just look at that P/E of 2.27 staring you in the face.....

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    • Yup Winterpeg is Cold

      I think the weather there is even worse than Saskatoon...

      One thing I have never figured out is the Sun here in the summer shines from 4am until 11pm for 2 months of the year and we still have trouble breaking 18 degrees celsius.....

      Another thing I've always pondered as well, is why there is no solar power....

    • Born and raised in Winnipeg, a Canadian citizen w/dual citizenship.
      Love America, it's been very good to me, a great country to live in, it will be great again once this President is sent packing but I digress, don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have grown up in Winnipeg, but I've been really lucky here, I love this country, it's a good life.
      I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    • I don't mind the snow but it's the snaping cold temperatures Manitoba experiences in January & February that really can make living here miserable.

      It's always funny seeing Americans who grew up in the southern U.S. travelling into Manitoba for their first time either in January or February. From my experiences they usually don't have a clue about what "cold" really is. Cold for people in the southern U.S. states means perhaps dressing up in a sweater. Cold for people in Manitoba means that you are bundled down in numerous layers of winter clothing from head to toe in order to stay warm and prevent developing frostbite.

      Do you have dual citizenship?

      Although Winnipeg does have some setbacks (e.g. Mosquitoes, freezing temperatures) I feel proud to be a Manitoban and even more proud to be a Canadian, similar to how you are proud of your American heritage.

    • Happy I grew up there, happy to never have to go back, going to move to Florida soon (January), live on the snow, no snow at all.

    • Midnightrambler,

      This was LDK's trailing earnings from Q1-Q4 of 2010. However, after todays earnings call Yahoo will need to make the following adjustments.

      Trailing Earnings = Q2+Q3+Q4+Q1 = .36 + .72 + 1.09 + .95 = $3.12 over past 4 quarters

      Current Price = $7.10

      Trailing PE = $7.10 / $3.12 = 2.28

      Trailing earnings for LDK now is $3.12.

      You guys are really passionate about your Saskatchewan Roughriders! If the fans of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers cared as much about their team as Saskatchewan does with theirs, Winnipeg would sell out every home game it had.