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  • phreecash phreecash Sep 18, 2012 4:02 PM Flag

    47% freeloaders - Romney

    I have learned that I am part of the 53% paying twice the percentage in taxes as Romney. I think that puts me in the top 26.5% of the 53% paying taxes with Romney in the bottom 26.5%. My understanding is that off-shore accounts is a valid way to be a free-loader. Deutche-Bank, Cayman Islands... Makes you think a little about how the rich play word games implying Obama voters are freeloaders.

    My daughter wants Romney to get more air-time. Said that "Romney gaffe and constant foot in mouth is the best thing for Obama". If we put him in the White House, constant air-play and international exposure will be more embarrassing for the USA than Kate Middleton to the Royalty in England.

    Don't get me wrong - I may have to vote for Romney as Saturday Night Live just is not as funny.

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    • As usual the media needs to take something out of context and spin it around so they can sell some advertisements around nothing. Of course the question in which this statement was made is not being revealed, only the response. The question wasn't about Americans in general. It was about the unemployment rate and the so called "job shortage". There is NO job shortage in this country. There IS a shortage of either qualified or willing to work bodies. Too many are getting paid TOO much to NOT work and that has to stop - no matter who is president.

      I recently closed a technology service company as it became far too difficult to find reliable labor at $25.00 and hour to do low level tasks. Absolutely ridiculous. Even jobs without any formal education are left unfilled. A local plumber can't find any capable apprentices because the work is too 'hard' even at $60k a year. If the job doesn't involve an iPhone the X, Y and Z generations want NO part of it.

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      • well the biggest problem in this is that school teaches everyone they are a failure if they don't go to college for a degree as a lawyer or a doctor! what happened to teaching things like auto-cad in highschool?

        you know this is a big problem and another one that odummy has failed to address all you hear him saying is you need to make college more affordable? WHY? 35% FAIL out of college in the first year this is a dam fact!

        it isn't these people don't want to work these jobs it is they are being told you are a failure if you don't go to college and get a better job! i bet you most people who can't find a job after 4 years of college wish they had been in a vocational school and could get one of these unfilled positions!

    • phreetrash what is a fact is that america is so forked! why is there this many people living in poverty! why? if you think obummer has been helping them you are forking nuts! the poor are doing worse under obummer then any other time!

      look poor people need cheap housing, the fed just did QE3 to raise housing prices, QE1-2 raised costs of food and energy. #$%$ chuck! obummer should of been on bens nuts for the little guy, but he wasn't this is a FACT pal.

      now he wants to turn around and tax the living crap out of the people his pal ben made richer? give me a dam break!

      those the facts if you want to argue them good luck but you know i am right!

    • Phree, as always you are wise and on point. I do not know what Republicans see in that liar.
      He is nothing more than a bag man for WS crooks.

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      • Republicans? You don't know what they see? Really?

        Republicans see an opportunity to regress - to get back to the good ole' days. A woman's nether region needs to be controlled, as well as a woman's rights. Legislate it. The closer we move to control of women, the closer we move toward religious beliefs of our enemies of the USA.

        Republicans see opportunity to play the middle man, the one in the middle between oil and gas subsidy kick-backs, not the middleman between what is good for the citizen and politics.

        Republicans see opportunity to "play hardball" with a broken bat. Another war right now and the 4th of July defense budget breaks the bank (as we've been cutting back remember). Remember the cost of Iraq and Afganistan... Romney is suggesting Obama is weak. The issue here is that in doing so, he advocates the very thing that would sink the USA.

        There are only 2 kinds of Republicans - Those that vote blindly along party lines generally due to family or a single theme that resonates like a stance on abortion propaged by church. The second kind are those who make a living off others, recipients of campaign contributions and lies that cannot be delivered - tax reductions and balanced budgets.

        I do not know which I feel more sorry for - the first being ignorant, one dimensonal, unable to comprehend the mess Bush left, or the latter, who sacrifice their own moral values for the love of money to leave a legacy of failure for their children to explain