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  • bombloze bombloze Mar 5, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    Germany has 32.6 GW of cumulative PV capacity

    Google the title for information.

    I can see why PV is hitting profit margins for centralized power generators.

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    • It is only a matter of time before traditional energy generation yields.

      It is the same reason that Walmart exists - products are cheaper. In this case, solar taking a bite out of profits from power generation with an end product being electricity, the exact same comodity means power producers must adapt.

      Failure to adapt means lower profits as demonstrated in Germany.

      If they cannot compete, they close. If they are smart, they buy shares in solars. It is the principle of buying the eggs or the golden hen. Buffet is buying the eggs/PV Parks. Power plants will buy the eggs, but if the hen is cheap, they will buy hens, keep some eggs, then sell the hens.

      It is not just the power plants that should be interested. Arch Coal, Joint investment from municipalities, Oil to diversify.... and then comes the investors, late to the game - only to whine that they should have bought when it was a buck.