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  • bombloze bombloze Mar 25, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    2012 far

    Here are LDK losses in the millions for the past 3 Qs

    Q1 2012: $(185.2) or (1.46)/share
    Q2 2012: $(254.3) or (2.00)/share
    Q3 2012: $(136.9) or (1.08)/share

    If the translated article about Tong is correct, then LDK is expected to lose roughly $558 (and I am giving some room for error given the translation) million for all of 2012. Given that the losses already total $576 million, is it possible that LDK did not lose money in Q4?

    According to Schwab, LDK is projected to lose $0.84/share in Q4. That projection suggests that LDK lost another $107 million (based on 127.2 million shares).

    Earnings call for 2012 is expected in April.

    We shall see.....

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    • When ldk sold their assets did the debt regarding those assets go to the buyer or remain with ldk. The negativity around the stock is focused on the debt. Anyone understand how that works?? Their debt would have been reduced if it went with the assets.

    • I was looking over the rest of 'em this afternoon. Here's how the "China Eleven" have reported for fiscal 2012 thus far:

      Ticker Rep. Date Loss, $M Loss, $/Shr.
      CSIQ 03-11-13 (195.50) (4.53)
      HSOL 03-18-13 (250.90) (2.97)
      JASO 03-25-13 (275.80) (7.10)
      SOL 03-14-13 (203.40) (2.36)
      TSL 02-26-13 (264.90) (3.77)
      YGE 03-04-13 (491.90) (3.14)

      For these six, the collective loss comes to $1.682 billion. Others left to report are CSUN (scheduled for 12 April), DQ (scheduled on 1 April), JKS (10 April) and, of course, LDK and STP (not yet announced).

      Add to that GCL Poly-Energy, losing around $440M U.S. for the year.