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  • spikerone spikerone May 8, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    EU agrees provisional duties on China solar panels

    many of you must see this news:

    Anyone can discuss what impact this news will be on LDK and Chinese solar industry.

    On one hand, everyone of us want to see price for the solar penal goes up. This should be the case.
    But one the other hand, it will hurt Chinese solar industry and will accelerate the bankruptcy for many companies that lost in the competition of selling their products in the higher price.

    However, solid companies will sustain such competition against the companies in the Germany and other countries.

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    • LDK has of recent low exposure to Europe based on 4th qtr shipments. However, since China has been holding off a Polysilicon Tariff based on the outcome of the EU tariff which avgs 47%, you can bet they are going to be upset and go fwd with a poly tariff. this will benefit LDK, GCL,SOL. But, really you have to wait for the details to emerge completely on the EU tariff and any responding Poly tariff. For instance, a poly traiff from China (this is pure speculation) could be on poly brought in the country and shipped back out over sees or both that and poly used domestically. If it is one or both LDK and the poly makers will be situated in a serious way. But, then there are work arounds, etc etc. have to wait and see.

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      • Here are their regional percentages of revenues from the last conference call:

        Region: China A-P Ex-China Europe N. America
        Proportion: 33.80% 29.20% 27.50% 9.50%

        Aggregated for the full year 2012:

        Region: China A-P Ex-China Europe N. America
        Proportion: 35.62% 21.69% 29.40% 13.28%

        ("A-P Ex-China" is Asia-Pacific Region Except China)

        Over a quarter of their revenues are from Europe; I wouldn't characterize that as "low exposure".