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  • china_s2 china_s2 May 8, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    OT: Question for cledo40728

    Do you have any idea what's going on with SolarZoom? I haven't been able to get their weekly materials pricing reports since the first week of April; right now all the pricing links on their site seem to be non-functional.


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    • Hi china, i received my info on LDK's exporting from SolarPV investor. I assume the info is accurate and was using i believe solar zoom as at least part of the source. you have to buy it though.

      on another note, what do you make of this EU tariff? and what do u think a poly tariff would look like in terms of LDK?

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      • The only thing I've seen regarding the EU tariff is the paragraph or so from Reuter's. Not much meat in that. Give it a week or two, then go to germanenergyblog. That site is maintained by two German attorneys who specialize in energy issues, and I'm sure they'll have something far more informative.

        As to a potential Chinese tariff on "Poly"-my understanding (from LDK's conference calls) is that Chinese domestic producers are exempted from China's 17% VAT, whilst foreign imports are fully taxed. Thus, there is, in effect, already a 17% tariff on imported "Poly".

        The next question, of course, is, does a vertically-integrated firm that is presumably using most of its own production to manufacture its own finished goods benefit from the tariff? Unless their production costs are higher than the imported "poly", I don't see where they are adversely affected by the import as things stand right now.

        Another good question is, where is all this imported "Poly" coming from? Wacker has cut production; REC is nearly shut; the only other really big player that comes to mind is Hemlock, and I doubt whether they can ship enough to skew China's market that badly.

        In the final analysis, LDK might actually be better off leaving their own "Poly" plants idle and using foreign product, if the latter can be had at a sufficient discount.