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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Aug 8, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    Time for gold correction to end!

    It sounds like you might be reading Jim Willie’s assessment of world economies. He’s definitely not a market timer. But then who is?

    gold-eagle com/editorials_12/willie080212 html (replace the spaces with a period to access)

    “…W/regards to market manipulation...that happens in all markets...consider our recent real estate boom. …”

    True. But the focus of manipulation for central banks is real money, gold or silver. Central banks that “create the money” (legal tender) will do everything in their power to prevent the introduction of REAL money. These efforts, currently, could extend over the lifetimes of any who read this. That cautionary statement means that great care must be taken to not get pulled in by the crowd since that is a trap set by the banksters in their hopes to sufficiently deplete the resources of most that might be capable of investing in PM markets.

    One of the great books that describes how we got to where we are today, on the issue of fiat money, is by G. Edward Griffin, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Near the end of his book he presents three options on how we could extricate ourselves from worldwide fiat currencies. The first country to follow the better pathway will also be the one to prosper to a greater degree than all other countries. The book is around $20 at Amazon. For politicians to ignore the destructive nature of unconstitutional money because of obscene self-interest is unconscionable. Ron Paul was, and hopefully still is, a beacon for the kind of change needed. His recent support of Romney, however, is troubling. Reporters that obviously support Paul’s stand on the Federal Reserve managed to corner Romney to ask him whether he would support ending the Federal Reserve Act. After a number of attempts to avoid the question his one word answer was, “Ahh,… NO”, after which he disappeared from the scene.

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