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  • opimies opimies Jan 2, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

    Annual inflation 17% per Congressman Van Hollen

    Congressman Chris Van Hollen is a leading Democrat & sometimes even he can make a verbal slip. Van Hollen complained that the estate tax of $5 million will rise to $15 million by 2020 as the Republicans managed to get inflation indexing built into the new budget agreement. He called this a, "sweetheart give away to the wealthiest......" Hmmm.....let's see $5 million today & Van Hollen is planning for the same 'inflation adjusted' amount to be $15 million in 2020. That mean Congress is secretly planning on an annual 17% inflation rate during the next 7 years as Van Hollen is an insider who knows the real story about the economy!!!!! In other words a huge amount of dollar devaluation is coming our way and Congressional insiders know exactly what is coming. I will stick w/PM's & USAGX.

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    • As a follow up I just watch John William (shadowstats) latest interview. His summary-although he states that no one can predict an exact date due to government interference with the financial markets-is that we will have some kind of dollar currency problem this coming May 2013 and he expects there to be hyperinflation in the US by the end of 2014. He thinks that in May events will come about to cause foreigners to start dumping dollars so as to get rid of them. He also reiterated his opinion that all of the current talk about an economic recovery is just a mass government/financial industry boom box which one should ignore as the politicians are getting more and more desparate as they see the end game approaching. He also stated that the gov't will have no choice but to essentially hyperinflate as they are unable to stomach the cure which would be to have austerity.

    • I noticed how the chorus or getting rid of the Congressionally imposed debt limit is getting louder: and it now include President Obama, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & in fact the Washington Post reported today that 98% of all the economists polled also say get rid of the debt limit. To me it sounds like getting rid of the limit is basically a done insider deal & the chorus is building up a crescendo to silence critics. The very fact that they are bringing the subject up means that they know there is no other way out for their Ponzi economy. You can be assured that if the debt limit is invalidated the politicians, in collusion with their Wall Street banking minions, will immediately begin a path towards hyperinflation. That way the federal debt can rapidly be deflated in 'real' value & the country can be bankrupted w/o the public ever really ever being able to connect the dots. Congressman Val Hollen basically tipped his hand and showed that Congress expects annual inflation to be 17% between now & the year 2020. The foreign creditors have by & large been taken care of by buying up resource companies & gold. There has to be a fall guy and it will be the American public. All the naysayers are free to sell off their USAGX stock and precious metals & invest in Federal Reserve Notes. I am sure you'll have many happy returns.

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      • "naysayers are free to sell off their USAGX stock and precious metals"

        4 weeks ago it was real estate because mining stocks may crash

        "if there is a mass move into mining shares, one will have to be ready to cash in during the hysteria and get into land/real estate or something like that because mining shares will probably crash like a rock once the panic is over."

        So what is it going to be next month?
        Firearm equities because of the upcoming aformentioned panic?

        Stop already.
        We get it.
        You think inflation in coming.
        Everyone pretty much has that figured out at this point.
        But mining stocks, be they individual, an ETF, or a managed fund, MAY NOT be the be the hedge this time around.
        Clearly bullion and miners are not correlated as they have been in the past.

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