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  • spacemonkeyfive spacemonkeyfive Apr 11, 2005 1:42 AM Flag


    Do you have any idea what it will cost to repair a hybrid? Neither does GM, Ford, or anyone else. The disposal fee for the batteries will probably be $750-$1,000 a car.
    Only an idiot would buy something that costs 20-30% more on the front end, will not outperform a 1980's-era diesel Oldsmobile, has absolutely no service history, and will not return 10% of its pruchase price in five years - if indeed you can stand to drive it for that long. BTW, if you're scared of the freeway and don't like buying gas, maybe you should be taking the bus to work!

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    • and where are the flying cars promised me for the last 50 years. Take a look at CVX long graph, speaks for itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack,
      Did you ever take the Auto Train from DC to Miami? It was pretty neat too! You put your car on the train, had your own cabin and took your car off when you reached you destination. It had a decent dining car too. It went bankrupt because of a few derails with all those cars on board, but Amtrac had it for a time. Don't know if they are still operating it or not. The last time I rode it a lady even brought her crated and agitated pet ocelot with her. My ex-sister-in-law used to be a director on it.

    • Boston's also a great city to live in (except for the cold). Good public trans. so no need to fight for parking. Great social and cultural life too. To paraphrase Robert Frost: At present I live in Florida.

      Unfortunately the Acela only runs between Boston and D.C, and only goes much above 100mph on a few stretches along the Conn. coast when the sun moon stars and track are in proper alinement. But it's new and comfortable and relatively on time the few times I've taken it. It's probably the only area where Amtrak can make money. They are considering a similar train along the Left Coast. My fellow Florida voters wisely voted down a state run super train connecting somewhere to somewhere else that some Lionel freak had run as an election proposition.

    • <<Still I guess you wouldn't be caught dead on the Boston-Wash.DC corridor.>>

      Jack, Are you kidding? I love Boston and have been there many times. It is a great city to visit!(Though I only drove there twice because of time constraints.)It has been a long time since I've been to DC, but I'd like to go again and have enough time to see the city--especially the Smithsonian. This Acela Express you mentioned does sound intriguing--130mph, huh? Where does the line originate? All the passenger trains are pretty much gone from my area. Closest boarding place that I know of is 2 and 1/2 hrs. south in Huntington, WV.

    • <<Hey, this is America. A person should be allowed to waste all the energy they want as long as they can afford it.... >>

      Afford it?!?!

      Or did you mean as long as they have China and Japan available to loan them the money to buy it?

    • I don't know, Fire, the Acela Express is pretty neat, especially when it (briefly) cranks up to 120-130mph. Maybe someday they'll upgrade enough of the roadbed to make it that way for the whole trip.

      Still I guess you wouldn't be caught dead anywhere on the Boston-Wash. D.C. corridor.

    • "that turned you into such a curmudgeon and made you egotistical enough to think a person who has the absolute joy and privilege of driving a red Vette would give a damn that you want to fling "demerits" at them...hahahahaha! What a clown!!"

      Please don't make me start abusing you again. It is far too easy and too enjoyable. Back to work Girl and I will restrain myself . . .

      Love, -P

    • AG u got a pic?

    • Hi Jack,
      I used to drive a locomotive as part of my job years ago and I will agree that the sheer power was pretty awesome and the NOISE they make! Still, now that I don't have the opportunity to do the driving anymore on trains, they have lost their appeal (except in cities where the trains have accessability and convenience superiority because of lousy parking availability.)There is also something to be said about a loco's "heavy duty grill!" Why, I bet you could take out a 100 protesters and not have to worry about mileage!! :)

    • Ok, you guys need to understand a couple of things. Some women really like the trendy aspect of cars like the Prius, so yes you can pick up girls with them (and hot ones too). Also, if you are going to get a sports car, how about you try something other than a Vette? That will help you pick up some nice AC or Vegas women caked in makeup, but not much else (depending on your standards of course). I grew up in a rich town, so consider me an expert here. The only people who bought Vettes were the ones who couldn't afford a Porsche/Ferrari/Aston Martin/etc. but wanted to fit in with the rest. It didn't work because the rich, successful people understood what a Vette conveyed about the driver. I'll gladly take a Prius and Porsche over two corvettes any day. (Perhaps an old, classic vette would get me to reconsider.) I don't mean to sound so conceited, by the way--I'm just trying to uncover the flaws in your argument.

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