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  • a23r4 a23r4 Apr 27, 2005 5:27 PM Flag

    What's the big deal?

    was the a wave a panic selling? i hope not because a GW's speech?

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    • at the expense of repeating myself, Chevron and other oil companies sold off today, because of "irrational stupidity." Perhaps some people feel oil is going back to $35 a barrel, and they got out. Chevron (and other oils ) one may remember, made a lot of money at $35. .40, 45, and $55. Actually, the stock at $52 (today) is priced for $35 oil. I can never understand people who will chase companies that never make a profit (airlines) or may not have a profit for 5 years (SIRI Radio). . . or Cisco, which has been stuck in the `17.50 range for 3 years, and yet trades 30 million shares a day. . .what DO they hope to accomplish. . .?

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      • The Saudi's will do their dog and pony show. Bush will do his speeches, just as Clinton did, and his predecessors. And just like in the old days, give things a couple of weeks and the price of oil is going to go back up again. Oil stocks move in such exaggeration to the recent relatively-small changes in crude pricing. I'd be suprised to see oil spend much time out of the 50-60 range over the next year or so. Thoughts?

      • Jeremy Siegel wrote a book titled the future of stocks in which based on historical data he points out that over the last 40 years some of the best investments have been in large oil companies.
        Large oil companies pay large dividends, have lots of cash to weather all conditions, and are almost always reasonably valued....

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