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  • bluecheese4u bluecheese4u Jun 7, 2007 2:25 PM Flag

    Illinois - Governor Blagojevich�s Energy Independence Plan


    About Governor Blagojevich�s Energy Independence Plan

    The Energy Independence Plan calls for a dramatic expansion of clean, domestic energy production as well as significant reductions in energy use through investments in energy efficiency and conservation. Specifically, the Governor�s plan will:

    � Invest in renewable biofuels by providing financial incentives to build up to 20 new ethanol plants and five new biodiesel plants. These increases in ethanol and biofuels production would allow Illinois to replace 50% of its current supply of imported oil with renewable homegrown biofuels;

    � Increase the number of gas stations that sell biofuels, so that all gas stations offer 85% ethanol fuel (E-85) by 2017 and help the auto industry to produce more and better flexible fuels vehicles that can run on either E-85 or regular gasoline;

    � Invest $775 million to help build new coal gasification plants that use Illinois coal to meet 25 percent of Illinois� diesel fuel needs, 25 percent of natural gas needs and 10 percent of electricity needs by 2017;

    � Build a pipeline to move carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, captured from coal gasification plants to oilfields in Southeastern Illinois to extract more oil and natural gas and permanently store the carbon dioxide underground;

    � Meet 10% of the state�s electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2015, greatly boost investment in energy efficiency, while finding ways to cut emissions and reduce motor fuel consumption by 10% in 2017.

    Source: Illinois Governor

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    • Sounds good doesn't it? How will this Gov. pay for this? His plan is to increase state income tax from 3% to 5%. All most double the present tax rate. Close to 49% of the state budget NOW goes to social programs. Tipical democratic, give more to the non-workers and tax the ones that work! The population is to stupid to run its affairs, so must have government run it for them. Sound like socialism? Beware!!!!

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