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  • johnboy7654321 johnboy7654321 Feb 1, 2008 2:42 PM Flag

    Capitalism won't work - don't give the pudgy investment men your $$$


    Capitalism is based ultimately upon two polarities: how much can I charge for my good or service? and secondly: how little can I pay my employees to sell it for me? Obviously, the aristocracy at the top would want to charge the most while paying the least. However, charge too much, no consumer will consume, pay too little, no worker will work.

    What we are experiencing today is a complex product of cheap goods and underpaid staff.

    My life and world are run and controlled by corporations, not good government, nor the fable of democracy.

    The only people who think capitalism is a good thing are the same people who have managed, usually by shady deals and backstabbing (literally) to accumulate massive wealth on the backs of the poor. Wealth should not be a product of how much I can f'uck over the next guy, but rather a distribution of resources equally among all the people.

    If everyone had everything equally, there would be no attitudes of envy, jealousy, nor greed, because no one would be wanting or needing. This is not something which is unattainable, merely impossible as long as capitalism exists in any form, because it does nothing but the opposite of socialism.

    These pudgy wall street guys just want FEE INCOME from your hard earned $$$$. They are nothing but lazy DEGENERATE GAMBLERS. Don't buy into their crap anymore. Keep your $$ and take care of your family, Basic needs is all you need. This economy is collapsing as we speak.

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    • What is destroying this country is lazy people who do not want to work and all they want is a hand out. I worked in the work force for 3 different companies and you must have a work ethic to be successful. I know many folks who were told for 12 years you must get an education and some of these dumb people would not listen and now they are struggling with old age and no income except social security, but all these years they smoked, drank and spent like there is no tommorow. Hurray for Capitalism and Success. Work you lazy folks, get a life.

    • If all you want is basic needs then socialism/communism works just fine. If you want anything better than that then capitalism is what works. Cuba and Russia are good examples. I lived in Russia from 1996-1998 and saw just how well it worked. Outside of Moscow and Saint Petersberg it's all 3rd world. Even in Moscow the only things that worked well were the Metro and Snow Removal. Nobody trusted the banks. The mail system and phone system was horrible. The middle class was improving while I was there but in general they had less than folks we consider below poverty level here. Doctor's pay at a regular hospital was $400 per month. The level of service at these hospitals was terrible. Folks with money used private health care. Those doctors were paid western salaries. It's funny but even under communism not all folks were equal. High government officials had perks that the normal folks could only dream of. They were treated at special health care facilities, had cars, private Dachas, etc, etc. I worked with a couple of women whose parents were high government officials under communism. They traveled with their parents around the world. They stayed in luxury hotels that I wouldn't think of staying at because of the high costs.

      The general work ethic under communism was to do as little as possible and keep your head down. Why work hard when your going to get the same benefits as those that don't work hard. So the only way to get ahead was to be a communist official or sports star. Now if your a slacker and are satisfied with basic nessesities then it's the system for you.

    • Of course Chevron produces more high paying jobs in the Bay Area and elsewhere than 500 small companies - employees have healthcare, dental, etc. etc. . . .obviously some bitter person living in a Mission District studio apartment with three other Starbucks Employees wrote this - my advice - get a real job at a real company and see how capitalism works. . .or be a lifelong coffeehouse communist. . .that went out in the 60's. . .

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