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  • dowjones1234 dowjones1234 Apr 29, 2008 6:40 PM Flag

    Are energy prices hurting you and your family?

    Thanks to all you left wing liberals, left wing politicians, democrats and environmentalists for $118.00 per barrel oil and $3.65 per gallon gasoline at the pump. You have all have won! No drilling in Alaska, or off the coasts of California, Florida, Georgia or Alabama. No oil drilling on any of the lands that have been "locked up" under the pretext of environmentally off limits by the Clinton administration. Thanks for no new nuclear power plants in the last 30 years. Thanks for not approving and blocking a nuclear storage facility for spent nuclear fuels, past and future. Thanks for all of the laws that won't allow new gasoline refining plants in the US for the past 30 years. Thanks for passing all of the laws that restrict any new coal fired power plants to be constructed to generate electricity. And, coal mining laws that restrict productivity and drive up the production cost of coal. Thanks for forcing us all to depend on foreign oil to run our economy. Thanks for putting a heavy economic burden on the working middle class for the fuel they need to heat their homes, feed their families and get to and from work every day. Thanks for putting such an economic energy burden on many American businesses that they have had to seek opportunities on foreign soil in order to compete and stay in business. Thanks for blocking any kind of congressional legislation that might have lead to the passage of a comprehensive energy bill for the past 7 (seven) years. You liberal politicians are really special! Thank you very much. Well, you all have won and we all hope that you are proud of yourselves. See you all in November after the election. You all want change? It’s coming…..

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    • Blaming Al Gore and liberals for high global oil prices is silly just as silly as blaming big oil companies for high oil prices when they themselves are having trouble replacing reserves and finding new oil.

      American oil production has been falling since 1970, even with the Alaskan pipeline coming on line in the mid-70's the trend line only flattened for a few years. Drilling in ANWR will have little to no affect on world oil prices as it is too small compared to total world production to have any real effect and like any oil field it will only have a finite life and then decline (like most oil fields in the US these days)

      America's only real way to get any oil independence will be to go to natural gas as a transportation fuel and replace natural gas an electricity generator with other sources such as nuclear or renewable energy. Another possibility is plug-in hybrid vehicles which draw electricity instead of gasoline. This won't have much effect on oil prices though as India and China are modernizing and using substantially more oil and production is falling in many key exporters including the North Sea, Mexico, Venezuela, as well as having issues in Russia and Nigeria where it seems to be falling as well.

      The US is only beginning to show any restraint in oil usage as its citizens drive the most and use the least fuel efficient cars in the world (it has actually fallen in mpg over the last 20 years, which is a travesty given advances in technology). The average American is going to have to learn to use public transportation, drive less or use a more fuel efficient vehicle (and maybe buy oil stocks if they are smart).

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