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  • imawelldigger imawelldigger Nov 9, 2008 5:07 PM Flag

    Obama's Tax (Handout) Plan

    This was posted by someone else earlier, but is so right on that it needs repeating:

    "Obama's plan is another welfare case, a tax of those who have worked hard, saved and made something of themselves and give it to the ones who sit in a do nothing life or just sit and "hope" that the Black Muslim will fill your pockets with the fruits of someone else success. Why don't you go out and earn what it is that you want? When will the welfare class learn that the Democrats will never give you what they promise? They have been making the same promise for as long as I can remember (75 years) and never have done anything but build an underclass of people, mostly black, that wait for a free ride that never shows up. Open your eyes and minds to reality. In this country you have a right to try, to seek a better life, not to have someone else give you success that you have not earned. You are not entitled to the success of others. You are not entitled to any type of care, medical or otherwise, unless you work for it and earn it. The federal govt is not your nanny or rich uncle that will give you everything your little heart desires."

    So true and very well said.

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    • You are probably one of the shitebum losers who are going to get a bunch of my money. F.U.

    • that make sense, but my point is this.

      Are you more about your values or your party.

      If you are more loyal to your values, then you should praise the democrats when they do something right. And, both parties do some things right.

      It doesnt have to be all or nothing.

      Clinton did some good things and bad things. Same with Bush.

    • I disagree with the idea that if you support one party or the othe no matter what that you are a wing nut.

      I don't support Democrats or their party because my values don't jive with theirs (abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, illegal immigration, etc).

      I am also do not agree with a lot of the current Republicans. They are not conservative enough for me. I am a Reagan / Palin conservative, which means I could not support the Democrats on over 70% of their platform.

    • I would disagree. I think about 60 percent of the country is partisan (30% on the right and 30% on the left)

      Those are the ones that find any and every excuse to blame the other party.
      They are the wing nuts that the other side alwasy eludes to when making their points.

      They will defend their own party even when it goes contrary to what they believe. Sometimes their beliefs are even shaped by the party (rather than vice versa)

      And because of partisans, the parties wont change. They dont need to. They got 60% of the vote locked up. The true partisans will vote their party no matter what. They just need to think that their party is better than the other one.

      The parties will be forced to move towards the sensible moderates in the middle.

    • are you better off with bushwhacked and darth vader chenney i doubt it

    • It is interesting now that Obama is going to be president that only the Republicans are partisan. All I heard from the majority of Democrats over the last 8 years was partisan rhetoric and I hate Bush speak.

    • Those of us who hired you weren't all born wealthy. Previous generations worked hard to give us the education, infrastructure, and social safety net that we needed to succeed. What has this generation decided to leave the next? Nothing but massive windfalls for lobbyists and the well-connected, and deficits as far as the eye can see.

      When you vote to value wealth over hard work; when you vote for tax policies that burden the many and favor a fortunate few; when you vote to deny access to education and health care from those whose only desire is to improve their situation in life; when you vote to deny your fellow citizens from taking part in the American dream because they're not as wealthy as you; when you vote to cut the number of cops on the streets and teachers in the schools; you achieve nothing except long-term harm to our economy and the American way of life.

    • Good points. Check out "The Plan" by Rahm Emmanuel. Excellent read, and his thinking aligns nicely with your observations.

      A few quotes from the book:

      "If your leaders aren't challenging you to do your part, they aren't doing theirs. We need a real Patriot Act that brings out the patriot in all of us...for our radical experiment in freedom to work, we must prize responsibilities as well as rights, and never presume to do for people what they can do for themselves."

      "[Clinton's] welfare reform law went on to become the most successful social policy experiment in a generation. Millions left welfare for work, cutting welfare caseloads in half...poverty among single mothers fell by a stunning one-third, to the lowest rate on record...he understood what progressives must never forget: we have to reform government in order to save it."

      "Nothing will strengthen America's economy more over the long haul than to send every young American to college...we're the only industrialized country NOT to increase its college graduation rate in the last twenty years. India produces about twice as many college grads each year as the US; China graduates three times as many as we do--and their universities are becoming world-class."

      BTW, Rahm Emmanuel was just named Obama's chief of staff. Good sign.

    • The pie-in-the-sky.....chicken in every pot......take from the rich and give to the poor types of politicians operate on the "Robinhood" story from the old english yarns.

      They should also read and understand the nursery rhyme about "Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs".
      I have never been hired by a poor man.
      It is those who have assets who are industrious enough to follow the pursuit of greater fortunes and they know quite well that it takes the efforts of others to perform the work.
      It used to be that our reputations, as productive workmen, held our place in the work force of America.

    • The three and a half trillion question is "The big question and part of the soulution is how do yo u make people personally responsible?"

      In a dying nation of ner'do'wells you cant make people responsible. The free handouts are now and will continue to strip people of their pride and make them irresponsible.

      When was the last time that you heard someone yell " I got my reponsabilities" ? .... It is always " I got my rights" You cant have one without the's like a coin with heads and just cant have one without the other.... We have taken away the responsibility to work, earn, and vote from the do nothing/have nothing crowd. They dont research the records of the freaks that are being elected to high office here. Barney Frank and Chriss Dodd and the other perveyors of crooked financial practices and bad morals have robbed America of self pride and self suffiency.

      If you sell your vote to the get a worthless value in return.......but you have to look at yourself each morning in the mirror and say " I helped to destroy our country by not making wise decisions.

      When she tips over, you will have nothing of value except the empty promises of a bullshitter and empty pockets of a Gimme King!

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