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  • golfintheheat golfintheheat Mar 22, 2009 9:48 PM Flag

    Obama Humor

    I just watched Obama laughing about the financial mess the country is in on 60 Minutes. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. Steve Croft actually asked him if he was "punch drunk." Wow. I was expecting that at some point Rod Serling was going to appear and advise us not to adjust our sets because we have entered the Twilight Zone.

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    • Wow, Republicans are so clever.

      You know, you folks sure spend a lot of time and energy complaining about our democratically elected President and bad-mouthing America.

      And on the Chevron board, no less! A company that has the colors of our flag embedded in its logo. How unpatriotic.

      We're all Americans here. We need everyone to pitch in. The Democrats can't do it all alone.

      When can we expect you Republicans to stop whining, get off your lazy behinds, roll up your sleeves, and start helping our President clean up the mess you made?

      We're all waiting...

    • The Letters in his last name stand for the mantra that says it all = O**B**A**M******A****** When you fill in the blanks, it comes out


    • You get it, r. Thanks for the kind words.

    • You need to check your facts. The housing market was topping out (and the economy was overheating) in 2006, while the Republicans were ensnared in numerous corruption and sex scandals. That's why the Dems swept the House in 2006 (but didn't take over until Jan 2007).

      That's also why the Dems took over the Senate and WHite House in 2009. And it's why the GOP will be doomed to wander in the wilderness for 20 years, just like they did starting in 1933, after they helped turn the 1929 stock market crash into the Great Depression.

      Face facts, all of this could have been stopped in 2003, 2004, 2005, or 2006, when Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, the Treasury, the Fed, and the White House.

      But no, the Republicans were too busy to be bothered with something as important as balancing the budget or cooling off the world's largest economy.

    • This is one of the more factual posts that have appeared in some time. Finally someone spelled out how to control an overheated economy. It has long been known there are a number of ways to control inflation but the Republicans refused to do any of them because they might be critized for making hard choices. When the economy is going good, this is the time to raise taxes to pay down debt accumulated when the economy needs priming. But, the Republicans chose to keep on borrowing and spending so that future generations would be saddled with the payment of the debt. When the economy is going down, this is the time to lower taxes. If they were lowered during good times, it is hard to lower them any more when the economy goes bad.

    • For sure, you were asleep. Just go back and take a look at the statistics that labor and economy and gasoline prices were standing at, when the Democraps took over three years ago. This country was in Fatcity!...Then Pelosi and Reid came in...and everything turned to shet while they sat there and watched as GWB helplessly tried to get them to do something about the housing situation that was about to go tits-up.
      You liberals are impossible to talk history and statistics with. Your mindset is "Obamamessia and his cruddy non-taxpaying gang from Chicago. You'll see improvement after the midterm election when a bunch of the crooked bastards get tossed out on their ears.

    • He's in good humor because everythings
      coming up roses, and a lot of really
      stupid jerks are standing out in the
      cold with really stupid looks on their
      faces and their jaws hanging agape!

    • I feel sorry for the Republicans. It's so sad, how they're just obsessing about trivial nonsense like this.

      Face it, the Republicans got shellacked in the last two elections. Nobody likes the GOP any more. They're like a crazy old aunt we have hidden away in our attic, muttering outlandish nonsense to themselves.

      Republicans need to quit whining and obsessing and feeling sorry for themselves. Do us all a favor and stop posting their propaganda on these boards.

      Instead, talk back to them. Tell them to get off their duffs and back to work. Tell them to start earning their paychecks. Tell them to come up with some serious, common-sense policy proposals and to start giving us some reasons, any reasons, to be able to vote for them again.

      I mean, do you honestly think that if Obama frowned or cried all the way through the interview that he'd be able to clean up the mess any sooner?

      Repairing the damage that was done by the GOP will take time and money. Not facial expressions.

      I mean, seriously.

    • Old "Buckwheat" is most certainly a sad case, for sure.
      He has that nervous laugh and smile where ever he goes.
      There is little for him to smile about unless it his success at duping the morons who voted for him.
      He is sacking us all up to be hauled down the tube.
      As, Kruschev once said "America will destroy itself from within." and Obama is trying to do it!

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