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  • omnixpq omnixpq Jun 28, 2012 4:11 PM Flag

    The American people won a great victory today

    The American people wanted Obamacare. The supreme court, unfortunately, slanted republiboobs, new the American people wanted this too.

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    • All this “crap” that Obama and his Socialistic Administration is and has been dishing out and supporting in the name of “help for the poor and disenfranchised” over the last three and one half years is mostly for a majority of people that have, for an entire lifetime, made a habit of continual poor, inappropriate and or bad decisions regarding education, work ethics, family and family responsibilities, personal financial responsibilities as well as no respect for the law and order. And these Socialistic, Liberal, Progressive Democrats continue to “buy their votes” with “free give aways” financed by “hard working” Americans.

      You are looking at modern day slavery at it’s best when it comes to the Democratic Party and it’s Socialistic Platform (black, white or In-between when it comes to skin color).

      Sure, there are some folks that have worked hard and made all the right decisions and through no fault of their own have fallen on hard times, lost their jobs and need some financial help and assistance. By all means necessary, we all need to help those folks get back on their feet, get them jobs and or re-educate them and do what ever is necessary to bring them back to being a part of the productive American Society.

      The majority of folks that are presently on our welfare and food stamp systems are scamming the system on a daily basis. When we pay people with low morals, values and principles more dollars to stay home and collect welfare and food stamps rather than work is when our political system starts to fail.

      Unfortunately, with 4 more years of Obama and the Democrats and we will be there!

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      • DJ123...Great post. I heartily agree with each of your points. At some level, however, I don't blame those who are scamming the system, I blame the Democrats for designing and encouraging it. Welfare for the lazy was set up to pander for votes. If Democrats agreed to cut "entitlements", they would quickly lose their base...the votes they bought and paid for. So they can't and won't. Socialism has never been a successful form of government. The election in November is critical. This country would never recover from 4 more years of Obama's socialist government.

    • The only people who want obama care are the losers, the teat suckers, the entitlement parasites and the lazy. Real Americans fend for themselves and proudly earn their keep.

    • mcmsbm Jul 8, 2012 9:22 PM Flag

      Someone ... IRS? White House? will set the dollar cost "penalty" for not having health insurance... Since everyone wil get the same care and service, will it be one cost for everyone, that is, "fair"? Or will the poor pay less, so that they can keep buying their tattoos, iPods, and other necessary items at the expense of those who actually earn an income? Just asking...

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      • You already know the answer. It is the same "penalty" for illegals and welfare recipients driving in California without a license and without insurance that cause accidents - NOTHING - ZERO PENALTY. The welfare payments will not be attached to pay for the fine or reimburse the victim and there is no deportation. Bottom line, those of us who live and work legally subsidize all of this against our will.

    • Dear omni...
      Try consulting a dictionary or thesaurus before posting. It might lend a small bit of credibility to your post.

    • I suspect that businesses with employees just over 50 are about to issue pink slips. I also suspect large employers who pay more for employee health insurance than then the Obama tax will take the penality and drop the coverage.

    • Does that include Romney, who paid very litte in the way of taxes. However, it is ok for the millions of honest hard working middle and lower class people to be underinsured. Face bankruptcy when major illness comes along.

      Just so you know, the US taxpayer is already paying for these people's illnesses in many ways already.

      Hey, why should you worry. It's not you. You don't care about helping other people who have cancer eating away their bodies Why should you have to worry about that. You can just sit at home and post "political views" on Chevron's message board. How cool is that.

      I put you on ignore.

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      • In the last 2 years Romney paid more than $6 million Federal Tax and gave over $7 million to charity. I don't consider that very little.

        Now as far as Obamacare it is a horrible plan. My problem is that the penalty is too low. If your healthy it is better to just pay the fine and wait until you are sick and then sign up with no penalty. So healthy folks will just opt out. As they opt out more folks will not be able to afford it and more will drop out. It will be a death spiral with the only folks buying insurance are those that have preexisting conditions and those that qualify for public assistance. The wealthy will be able to pay for it and the poor will get it for free. So unless your rich or poor your screwed.

        Have fun

    • US tax payers, large corporations and business owners (large and small) will never let this stand Obama Care). The die has been cast and will be decided in November in the election booth.

      In his address to the American people today what Obama really said is as follows, if you cut out the double speak, " I won't allow half of Americans who pay no taxes to bear the burden of the other half who aren't paying their fair share".

      Said another way, "The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those that vote for a living".

      See you in November!

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