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  • dwb360 dwb360 Oct 16, 2012 5:14 PM Flag

    Can we all agree that it is DEMAND that creates jobs?

    Can we all agree that it is DEMAND that creates job’s

    If both parties can agree that it is demand that creates jobs maybe we can move forward developing solutions to our country’s problems.

    When demand increases manufactures increase production to meet that demand (Econ 101). In most cases this results in additional employees being hired. These newly hired employees generally use the income that they receive to buy things that they need or want thereby increasing demand for those items. This cycle repeats itself again and again thereby creating more demand and more jobs until the cycle is finally broken.

    This cycle was broken in 2009 when the banking crisis developed, the stock market crashed, the housing market collapsed, and hundreds of thousands of individuals lost their jobs.

    So the question becomes what can our country do to increase demand. Here are a few suggestions for your consideration.

    1.Reduce taxes on that segment of our population that will spend the increased income that is available to them.

    2. Provide additional monetary stimulus to our economy by investing in our countries infrastructure. education, research and development and in new industries that will have a long term benefit to our society.

    3. Provide tax incentives to companies bringing jobs back to the United States.

    If you have other suggestion lets hear them.

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    • Well, with regard to your suggestions - I thought you Progressive types didn't want to reduce taxes on the rich. I mean, the rich are just about the only ones that spend money in a meaningful way. You know - by investing. It's called capital formation. Without it you just get a bunch of idiots buying Chinese stuff from Walmart and going further into debt. Now, I have to take issue with number 2. If you want to borrow money from the Chinese to build a bridge that will, in all likelihood use Chinese or Korean steel and cement, well that's a dubious investment, but given that about 70% of the last two stimuli were used to help states keep union employees employed and to shore up payment deficiencies on local bonds, I don't think it's wise to let the government take a third bite at that apple. It won't create jobs that create wealth, it will just sustain government leeches with their oversized pension obligations. With regards to number 3, stop taxing the poop out of investments in the U.S., get the regulatory Gestapo off of the backs of industry, and repeal Obamacare and maybe companies will stop hiding out overseas. There is a reason that all these trillions are parked offshore you know.

    • yep, demand creates jobs.
      This is one of Mitt's 2 face issues, he chants that government doesn't create jobs. But when opposing cuts to the military he says that will cost jobs...... and he proposes building more submarines, for instance.....
      Mitt will also praise himself for getting everyone in Ma covered with insurance...... you know, Romneycare with a mandate.......and just minutes before he attacked obamacare, which is the very same thing.
      Ditto for pumping Reagan without bothering to note that reagan is the king of debt creation, the president who TRIPLED the debt he started with and who also hugely increased the size of government.
      Still, his promise to fix all economic problems with tax cuts has a lot of appeal... get more pay less!

      And the gop has their own facts on science and economics:

      Earth is 9,000 years old, says Rep. Paul Broun, who sits on House Science Committee.
      fellow gop science committee member Aikin agreed and also says women have a miraculous power to fight off a rapist's sperm ..... legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.......

      W's tax cuts got rid of the projected $6trillion surplus and turned it into a $5 trillion deficit....... the new tax cuts, though will get rid of the deficit! Just trust Mitt!!

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