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  • warrcee warrcee Oct 19, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    When is the CVX 2 for 1 stock split again?

    Actually it would be good for CVX to buy up it's toxic sites in Ecuador, and continue drilling for oil with horizontal drilling. Why leave? You can buy the jungle for 50 cents a hectare. Look at El Salvador the fruit companies bought up the country, and won't give it back. If there really was any such thing as do good enviromentalists Green Peace would own the rainforest by now @ 50 cents per hectare. United Fruit and the Rockefellers have done it over the last 100 years all over Central America, why else would your military care.
    Take a lesson from IBM and Intel never go to court, settle, buyout, sellout, but never go to court.That is always a mistake. CVX could buy up all the ground it ever contaminated in Ecuador for far less, than going to court on lawyers alone. Plus they would have access all that oil under any of the contaminated land again to drill for more oi horizontally, or just to keep the fields open and running. Let's say the ground runs $2 per hectare all told, title free and clear with clean up privileges, plus all the future mineral and drilling rights. Wow what a deal, where do I sign up? Buy up the mineral rights to horizontally drill in for over 2 miles perfect. Nice light sweet easy to move on my $2 per hectare ground. What a deal at $30 oil! Now add 100% to that. Horizontal drilling changes all the old views of what oil land is worth. Ecuador should look like Texas it does far more oil revenue per person than Texas.
    Why go to court?

    Earnings and split?

    Sentiment: Buy

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