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  • greedyoilbastards greedyoilbastards Nov 8, 2012 7:14 AM Flag

    Why Mitt LOST


    Here's what happened. There were two possible outcomes to this election; One was 1980 redux, if the people could really comprehend how bad things are. The other was what we got; "A democracy can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy". Yesterday, the majority voted itself largess out of the public treasury, and Mitt's slip up was caught on tape and plastered over the networks labeling him as less than compassionate and willing to cut benefits to those that need it the most. You can't label 47 million people living off of food stamps as a bunch of moochers and expect to win. It is my opinion this one little slip is what brought down our chances to save the USA from the pain of living four more years with a President and First Lady who were not proud to be Americans until after they moved into the White House. A secret audio tape taken of Mitt Romney talking to wealthy donors, after he clinched the GOP Presidential nomination, demonstrates what he really feels about the American people who are not wealthy, and are struggling daily to get by. Romney condemned what he called the “entitlement” society, which he said was 47 percent, who expect handouts, and will never vote for him. Saying so, he made it so! He also said these people expect health care, food, and housing from government, an attack on so many different groups, when one thinks about it in detail. Only compassionate conservatism can win! People want to support themselves. They want JOBS!
    Mitt hurt himself with this single revelation, much like George Allen did with his infamous "macaca" slip-up. Republicans are already labeled by democrats as "the party of the rich", with no empathy toward poor people, so Mitt virtually signed an affidavit as verification. I don't know the origin of this mindset, but it is what defeated the Republicans in this election. Mitt failed miserably with his off colored comments about the 47 million food stamp recipients. Do you think the 47 million got scared Mitt would cut off their food stamps and they voted for Obama instead? The persons on this board who touted the moochers would vote for Obama, you know who you are, and you were right, but you helped to put them into Obama's court with your less than stellar rhetoric and lack of compassion. Losing this election is the fault of yours and others like you! Be more careful with your message the next time or do you like losing?!

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    • The reason he lost the election was not because of the 47 percent statement. As he stated they were not going to vote for him no matter what. The reason he lost is the Republican party's stance on social issues. The Religious Right has ruined the Republican party. For anyone to get nominated for President of the Republican party they have to placate the religious right and then they have no chance of getting elected in the general election. The younger voters especially will not vote for a Republican because of the social issues.

    • Over the last 4 years, the Republicans failed to do their "grass root" work properly, they failed to agree and crisply define their platform planks, they failed to sell their platform planks, they didn't work as hard as the Democrats and they didn't take the news media to task for liberal biased news reporting.

      1) All union workers (Craft, Federal and State) voted for Obama
      2) A higher percentage of minorities voted for Obama (especially those that are on Federal Substance, tax payer subsidized)
      3) 6.7 million Caucasians did not vote that voted in 2008. For some reason, they stayed home....

      Bottom line, the Republicans deserved to lose because of overall poor performance!

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