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  • joejoseph3737 joejoseph3737 Mar 2, 2013 4:37 PM Flag


    THEY WANT THE COUNTRY TO PERCIEVE THEM AS "SAFETY CONSCIOUS" AND NON-DISCRIMINATING.................the big lie........when actually this is the "GOOD OL BOY" company......and in my opinion they Practice Discriminatory policys to the Maximum!

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    • joe ur just upset cause ur wife wont let u put ur whole savings account into cvx stock, you know the history of this company! the proven track record..... so don't be angry at them because they are doing so well! I look foreward to seeing this stock split! ROCK ON CVX CORP YOUR THE BEST!!!!

    • mike_m Mar 8, 2013 11:35 PM Flag

      Joe this is very true
      what safety? provoking employees to the maximum where no human or animal can take ... this company just wants to employ robotized-human-like-brained-washed creatures - well, I am sure that there are many smart ones who play-the-game (I am not). They search for peaceful employees and attack (for the fun, to look busy or to find something to do). If I was a weak person I would have been in the news with a destroyed family and life. What provoking may have done to others? What about the many times that I stopped the truck on the freeway to calm down? what if I did hit an innocent person or another car on the freeway? What about the days of suffering trying to save my retirement and years of hard work?
      discrimination? I was told that we are only equal in the restroom ... is this enough? is giving me my country flag broken enough? Actually, they realized that it was wrong and they took advantage of me with their engineered STEPS program to gain time to be at the right side of the crippled law.
      I agree with you that this company is hype but very well supported by its fleet of lawyers and benefiting powers ... just think about few worldwide facts ...
      I am sad to say that what they did affected me but i still stand tall with faith in God and in humanity
      I pray for better future to all!

    • Joe you are weak, worked for chevron for 43 years & retired. All companies have working hazards, follow the rules, work as as team, and be productive.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Joe, that last bridge was too low. Try a higher one!

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