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  • dowjones1234 dowjones1234 Apr 28, 2014 10:06 PM Flag

    Key Stone Pipeline - The Real Truth

    The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) owns all the rail lines in the US connecting to Western Canada and they haul about 80% of the crude from Canada to the Midwest and Texas or charge other Short Line railroads a fee to use their tracks.

    BNSF is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

    Berkshire Hathaway is owned by Warren Buffett.

    Warren Buffett supports and contributes heavily to the Democratic Party and is a friend of President Obama.

    BNSF charges about $30.00 per barrel to haul oil to the Mid West and Texas refineries.

    The Key Stone Pipeline can move the same oil for about $10.00 per barrel.

    You do the math.......

    Crony Capitalism at it’s finest!

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    • mcmsbm May 12, 2014 4:44 PM Flag

      So moving oil can cost $30 per barrel or $10 per barrel...and White House is refusing A PROJECT THAT MOVES OIL FOR $10 A BARRELL... now I understand WHY OIL COSTS SO MUCH... Politics and pay-offs for friend Warren Buffett who has lots of media outlets to keep the Obama-worshipping machine working!!!

    • Per a news report this morning - seems that Congress is tired of the 'Obama stall' for an eitherway decision on Keystone, Congress will no longer wait.
      They're now poised to move forward on a vote to 'approve' Keystone with out him ? Quite a few Dems are on-board for this approval !!

    • Considering Buffet owns a major stake in the company that would be responsible for lubricating the tar sands through the pipeline, I'd say you're cherry picking your facts for your own personal political agenda.

      But yes, all politicians are bought and paid for. And that's why the rich get richer and the middle class gets destroyed. Because the middle class doesn't have the resources to buy elections. And the average American is dumb enough to buy into the propaganda and too lazy to do there own research.

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