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  • BBGeld BBGeld Aug 22, 2003 8:21 AM Flag


    Should happen in this price range. And I hope I am smart enough to add to my position as I was last time

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    • New England, right now. SE PA (when I get this house on the market). Part of the year, though, I'll be just north of you, in the Williamsport area. I have a cottage there.

      BTW, I wish we could edit our postings after they are posted. I wanted to say I have seen the Hershey Motor Lodge from the outside. When I'm in the Harshey area, however, I never spend the night.

    • Where are you now, and where in PA are you headed?

    • HNBC is splitting 5:4 before the market opens today. I had forgotten about it until I saw the news here at Yahoo!

      Not "IF" but when I move back to PA. Getting this house ready to sell is much more time consuming than I had anticipated--especially when I had to fire the painter and start doing it myself. Also, I have to find some places to sock away some of my papers (not financial) and books so the house looks more like a home than a library.

      Have room in your basement, Huskies ;o>

    • Thanks for the words on National Penn and Harleysville. I have heard of both of them. If you move back to PA, check out Fulton. I went to their shareholder meeting in April. A full sit-down dinner at the Hershey Motor Lodge ( a very nice place). About 1100 folks showed for it. A guy at my table was from Binghamton, New York. Quite a ride for the dinner meeting.

      There were lots of elderly shareholders at the annual meeting who really like the FULT payout. Lots of watermelon smiles in the crowd.

      Fult was just upgraded today...
      8/26/2003 FULT Fulton Financial Corporation
      Last: 19.76, -0.36 Ferris Baker Watts upgrades to Buy from Hold on confidence in long-term outlook and attractive level of dividend income.

      Earlier this week they bought Resource Bankshares in Virginia Beach, Va. They're moving into Virginia. Resource is a good place to start.

    • I'm very familiar with FULT, Huskies_70, although I do not hold shares of it. I'm referring to Harleysville (HNBC), another PA bank, as the bank that pays stock dividends and made the additional .03 cash payment last year. Click on "Dividends" at the top of this page to see what I was referring to when I made my posting:

      The other bank I was thinking of when I made my posting was National Penn (NPBC):

      For a little investment trivia, NPBC is #1 when it comes to percentage of shareholders who attend the annual meeting. Yes, #1 of all publically traded companies, excluding pink sheet ones [and maybe they should be included, too?]. Why, you may ask? Because right after the meeting is a dinner.

      My father used to go to NPBC's meeting/dinner and he said it was great, so popular that many people in Boyertown are VERY long term shareholders, even if they don't hold many shares, just so they can attend the meeting/dinner. Family style dinner, meeting/banquet in the largest room in Boyertown, the fire hall. When I move back to PA, I intend to start going to their annual meeting, too. I'll let you know if the meal is cracked up to what my father has said late next spring.

    • If that is what you believe, it is best to buy half as many shares now as you would after a split - smaller brokerage fee that way. That's what I did last summer.

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      • >If that is what you believe, it is best to buy half as many shares now as you would after a split - smaller brokerage fee that way. That's what I did last summer.

        It sounds like you have a full service broker. Discount brokers usually have a set price for purchases up to 1,000 shares. It's pointless to wait if someone wants to end up with 1,000 shares or less after the split. If someone wants more, best to buy before the split if someone buys from a discounter.

        I'm thinking the next split will not be another 2:1. I'm thinking more like 3:2 or 5:3.

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