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  • ngari ngari Sep 23, 2003 4:46 PM Flag

    There was a 25,000 share trade

    today after 3:30. Geez, this sure was a high volume day. After hours trading, too--up trades from today's close.

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    • I'm a boomer too. I had 31 years of Air Force reserve time. I have a son in the Navy, and I work for the Navy. I hear term "bulkhead" routinely. You use it for what I refer to as "Bilko doors." I think these doors are like "Coke," named for a manufacturer.

      Such doors are nice to have, especially if you store stuff in your basement that you would otherwise put in a shed in your yard. Have you thought about heavy mil plastic sheeting outward from the door in the three directions, under about a foot of gravel? It needs to be sloped downward from the house outward. This may keep the ground from getting saturated in the area of the door.

      Interesting point about the stone masons in the UK.

      Last night I graphed my bank stocks on a 5-year and a 2-year Yahoo comparison chart. Not to my surprise, OZRK has out performed the others by a wide margin. To my surprise, Northwest Savings Bank (NWSB) outperformed all except OZRK. At one time I thought about selling NWSB. I don't think I will.

    • I'm laughing:

      ""Bulkhead"....are you a Navy vet? Foundation and concrete problems are unpleasant. I hope you can get it fixed without a lot of trouble."

      That's funny. My father was in the Navy, though, when I was born. Me? The military might be of interest to females today, but not for us baby boomers.

      In case you aren't just being humorous, bulkheads are those metal doors on a slant to the ground through which basements can be entered. The prior owners caused the problem by extending rocks and morter in frount to make it 'look nice.' This resulted in an area where the soil gets wet and can never really dry. To avoid problems with permafrost, I'm thinking of filling most of the area (by the actual block, under the surface) with gravel then using bricks on gravel towards the front then putting a morter facing over the bricks, flush with that 'decorative' rock/morter so watery mud can't get trapped underneath. Just filling it in with concrete might cause more problems because I am not going beneath the frost line. Wacking off the decorative part might REALLY cause a disaster if it also breaks the actual foundation. Re the steps? I actually enjoy repairing and resurfacing the steps. Had I been born a male, I might have considered becoming a stone mason.
      In the U.K., most (all?) of those magnificent cathedrals have permanent stone mason employees.

    • You may be talking me into not selling my NPBC following the 5% stock dividend. They're doing a lot of things investors like to see a company do.

      FYI another bank in the central PA area has begun the 5% stock dividend plus the cash dividend. Waypoint Bank (WYPT). Waypoint is the child of the marriage of Harris Savings and York Federal Savings a few years ago. Lots of Waypoint branches in the Hershey area. In fact, the closest bank to my house is a Waypoint branch.

      "Bulkhead"....are you a Navy vet? Foundation and concrete problems are unpleasant. I hope you can get it fixed without a lot of trouble.

      I look forward to the lobster pizza recipe.

    • I totally agree about OZRK getting a bit extended. It would be nice if there is a *brief* window of opportunity for us existing shareholder types to add to our positions.

      About NPBC's buyback share statement: I do not think this is a PR thing this time. Remember, they just got $35.4 million in cash from the sale of that Panasia Bank:

      Yard work? Yes, I do enjoy yard work, even though calling it 'yard work' is a stretch at times. The past few days I've been working on repairing concrete steps and a foundation leak problem at the top of my bulkhead [the problem area is only about 1' under the ground, as I discovered yesterday].

      If you like lobster, I'll post a recipe for lobster pizza on a totally inactive stock board this weekend. I'll let you know here when I type it in. The secret is the sauce, best made now while fresh herbs are still growing in one's own/friends' gardens. You don't have to be a pizza maker to make this thing--just buy the dough or a boboli (sp?). You don't even have to normally enjoy pizza to enjoy this thing. It's really something else.

    • 51,000 shares yesterday. Perhaps the split plus the great performance of the company was the attraction. It certainly is an attraction for me. I've recently thought about buying more.

      PS Ate at the local Red Robin last week. You should see a pop in your stock (wink-wink).

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      • For now, I'd just like the few more shares I've had an order in at 43.75 for a while (and some others, farther down). Although I might very well add more after this later, I would *definitely* add more if the cash dividend was higher.

        I'm still in the looking stage for Red Robin, so don't eat there too much until I let you know it's time to, "Eat!! Eat!! Eat!! :o> The stock has been doing very well lately. Over the past 5 days, though, it and OZRK are behind HNBC (that bank in PA). No idea what's up with HNBC, but it's been performing abnormally well (for it) starting the day of it's 20% stock dividend.

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