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  • bigmurph10 bigmurph10 Oct 28, 2003 1:22 PM Flag

    strong buy

    Morgan Keegan issued a strong sell on ozark because they were not included in recent transactions by ozark. Such a shame that leading analist firms play like first graders when everything doesn't go their way. This stock and company are too strong even for Morgan Keegan to derail. STRONG BUY thank you Morgan Keegan

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    • I admit to knowing next to nothing about Morgan Keegan. I do know that a downgrade does not always have such a dramatic impact (or any impact) on a bank stock's price. As one, recent example, a big name firm issued a 'sell' rating on FBF (Fleet) about a month ago, saying it was only worth 25-26. FBF was about 30 when the sell was issued. It dipped to about 29 1/2 then moved up to the 32+ range [before I had to leave and stopped watching it]. So much for sells.

      BTW, wasn't the Morgan Keegan downgrade to 'under perform' rather than 'strong sell?'

      Does anyone have access to their actual report? I'd like to know what they said in the report, not merely the rating.

      capt: I recall reading here a while ago that the major insiders selling were swimming is sooooo many shares that selling hunks should not really be of concern.

    • To be frank, I have an uneasy feeling about OZRK right now. The drop in share price on high volume, insider selling, downgrade of the stock, and up days aren't recovering all of the loss from down days.

      I know often times the street takes upgrades and downgrades with a grain of salt. But at the present time, the street seems to be in synch with the sentiment of gloom for OZRK. I have the feeling another shoe is gonna drop. I hope I'm wrong.

      ngari....I hope your pet is feeling better. I just drove by the U. of Pennsylvania on the Schuylkill Expressway a matter of hours ago.

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      • Let me second this sentiment:

        "I have the feeling another shoe is gonna drop. I hope I'm wrong."

        My dear little friend is now in heaven (sniff, sniff).

        The end of the week I'm driving up to NH then possibly over to ME to look at some babies. If one of them basically says, "Mommy, take me home," I'll bring him home. If not, I might be driving over to Latrobe next week to look at some other boys. This empty nest too sad.

      • I think a 3 to 5 year career for keeping OZRK is about right. The big question then, is when did your dollars come to the party. If 3 years ago, then you have done well and can set some stop losses and move on. I think there is more upside in this economy and I would hate to get stopped out on a bounce.
        Perhaps a "new" OZRK can be found. Watch for a message board on BSRR on Yahoo which should happen soon. In the meantime, look at NRIM and RBCAA. I would suggest putting in a limit order to buy and waiting for a dip on the last two. I think BSRR should be caught now. And Hang on to OZRK (maybe buy below 40).

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