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  • ngari ngari Feb 2, 2004 1:40 PM Flag

    Something is going on here.

    Does anyone here live in the OZRK area? If so, have there been any newpaper articles today or this past weekend that might be contributing to today's volume and price movements? At the time of my posting, OZRK is w-a-y up on no news here at Yahoo!: +1.829 (+8.08%)

    If there is something in the local papers that might help give a context for this price/volume movement, please share it here.

    Sign me baffled.

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    • Equally nice to see OZRK closed at the daily high, even if the volumn was a bit below normal. It also gained .05 in after hours trading.

      I've been sitting on some cash, waiting for OZRK to take it's post-split dip (smirk). It looks like it might not happen any time soon. I'm thinking we'll have another nice forward movement now that we've finally passed the 25 stone wall.

      Still... I do think OZRK is a bit pricy right now for any new entry.

      Sign me orange.

    • Nice to see the stock advance with some strength past the $25 threshold, will be interesting to see if it holds. It should, especially with that of the FED's recent comments.

      Any thoughts?

    • Forgot this one:

      "This being a presential year, I don't expect rates to increase unless there is some strong growth recorded in either the 1st or 2nd qtr, which currently seems unlikely for the former."

      The same day you made your posting I heard this addressed during the news segment of a radio station I listen to in the car. What I heard is that interest rates are expected to hold for the rest of the year.

    • You are right, it has been quiet here lately. I'll pipe in with my 2 cents on your comments:

      "OZRK has a hard time breaking the $25 hurdle... I have a sinking suspicion that if it ever breaks through - there may be a nice roll going forward."

      I've noticed this, too. I have been starting to think that; 1.) We are going to have to have some mini-correction before getting past 25; and 2.) The move beyond 25 will not take place until right before/after the next earnings release.

      In terms of 1.), the PE for OZRK is currently 19.71. Even though I do think that OZRK deservedly commands a higher PE than others in the banking industry, this is still a high PE. I, myself, would like to add to my shares, but not at these levels (of PE). Personally, I think we are going to need a little PE deflation to act as a catalyst for the next movement forward.

      2.) goes with #1. The last earnings were excellent as was that bank conference speach (which should still be available at OZRK's IR page). All this good news has been factored into the current price, though, so we need some new, good financial news to justify 25 and beyond.

      Needless to say, this is just the opinion of someone who intends to hold shares of OZRK for a long, long time and smile as the price moves forward, though sometimes only after extended periods of seeming stagnation.

      If you can read charts, maybe this will yield some meaningful information for you. It's basically Greek to me--someone over at SI posted this chart for another stock (CREE) and all I did was change the stock sybmols to OZRK:,uu[w,a]dacayiay[dc][pb50!b28!f]

      What I would like to be able to find is a chart that shows price movements in terms of PEs.

    • Yes, something is going on. Go to the OZRK webste (investor relations) and listen/watch today's presentation by Geo. Gleason.

      • 1 Reply to nicho91
      • Strange, I couldn't find the webcast before. The bookmark I had for OZRK's IR is an old but still functional one that does *not* link to the webcast--which is not available via the conference site yet. All I could get was a list of older webcasts with the URL I had used. The only way I *finally* found the new, correct page for webcasts was by starting from scratch: going to OZRK's home page then going to IR.

        I'm going to drop IR a note letting them know their earlier IR section (with incomplete information) has not been removed.

        When I was reminded of the conference by my broker late yesterday afternoon, I went to it's web site then copied all the stock symbols for banks giving presentations into a quote page here at Yahoo! I wanted to see if all presenters had similar price/volume movements to OZRK yesterday. None did. Only OZRK had unusual volume and price jump.

        BTW, my broker looked at yesterday's trades for me. The real big buying mostly took place right after the market opened. There was some surge at the end of the day, too.

        Listening to the webcast as I type, much of what is being said repeats the last webcast.

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