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  • dapop6 dapop6 Mar 26, 2004 8:59 PM Flag


    sssshhhhhh lets continue to just lay here in the bushes and not say anything about this stock and maybe it will just keep going HIGHER AND HIGHER

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    • Okay. I'll keep this indirect. Since you live in Arkansas, maybe you can help me and others who do not live (near) there by providing some information:

      What are the top 10 banks in Arkansas? From an OZRK presentation a while back, it was stated that OZRK is #6. The top 4 were named: 1. Regions Bank (10.8%), 2. Bank of America (5.8%), 3. Bancorp South (4.5%), 4. U. S. Bank (2.6%)

      If you know #5 and #'s 7-10 (or can take a stab at it) it would be quite helpful. Instead of just looking at and watching for new news on OZRK, I and possible some others here could also keep our eyes on the competition. This could indeed play into OZRK's plans--but one has to know the names of these others first.

      Do you know of some URL that lists all the banks in Arkansas? Again, from that presentation referred to above, there are 179 smaller institutions than OZRK.

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