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  • paulthetree paulthetree Aug 3, 2013 9:47 AM Flag



    I have always wonder if voting had any real meaning, especially after Yahoo went from the numeric system to the Facebook method.

    Are people being sophomoric and voting in clicks (We know some claim to communicate off board)?
    Is it a popularity contest?
    Do people vote whether they agree with the content or not?
    Do they vote on writing style, grammar, and etcetera.?
    Are they voting on it, if it thought provoking or not?
    Do the vote up or down if it adds to a discussion?

    I have also wondered how many here use more than one ID to try to control other posters I know without a doubt one (Steve). A second one, I believe has done it for grins and chuckles (Joe). A third one I suspect use to use an alias as an antagonist to bolster his views and popularity (This one I am not sure enough to name names.) .

    Now, I hope you understand why I have posted it doesn't matter what the vote is; all it tells me, is if post are being read or not. And being read is the important thing after all.

    Good luck all and may God be in all of your lives.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Curt, I wouldn't give it another thought. It carries exactly zero weight with anything. You can post something completely innocuous that is really neither good nor bad and people will vote it down. Happens to me, too. Doesn't matter. Occasionally I vote something up just to let the person know its been read, but mostly I just ignore that stuff.