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  • ginchinchili ginchinchili Aug 9, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    Here We Are Again

    Here we are again left dangling in the dark. A deadline is given, we're up against that deadline, and we hear nothing. If history tells us anything, we can expect to see a "good news" blog post next week sharing with us the great progress that's being made and although the new setback is just a temporary blip, everyone in the company is really excited about the way things are shaping up. The new setback? Does it matter? Fill in the blank with any excuse you want. Any will do because the result is the same: no bulbs being delivered.

    It'd be bad enough if this had been going on for months, but it's been going on for years. It's gotten absurd. Frankly, it doesn't matter if Bill Smith is lying or giving us the Gospel truth, the result is the same. By the time Vu1 gets their bulbs to market electricity will no longer be used in lighting. They're just incapable of getting things done. Give this technology to Elon Musk or a Steve Jobs and you'd see ESL become the predominant light source in the world. But in the hands of people who don't really know how to take a product to market, and you get the bungling results that we've been getting.

    The sad thing is, even if they announce that bulbs are being shipped, there's still so much to do and still the same inexperienced people trying to do it. Yes, Paul's right when he says that if not for Bill Smith this would be a closed book, story over. And Smith deserves credit for that. Unfortunately, Bill Smith doesn't know how to take a product to market and he's been winging it, unsuccessfully. Put me on a pitcher's mound and I'll give it all I've got, but unfortunately I'm no pitcher and the hitters would eat my lunch, and probably kill me in the process.

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    • Well, (That's how I start off most of my posts here: Well...") Well, shipping was supposed to be during the last week in July, with a possibility that it may take, AT THE LATEST, until the 2nd week in August. Tomorrow will be August 13th. The day after that will be the 14th, better known as August Fool's Day. And yet we've heard nothing. Are they waiting for the very last minute to spring the great news on us? Nehh, I doubt it. More likely, they're waiting for the last minute in hopes of a miracle, in hopes that that dirty Chinese official changes his mind about his $500,000 demand for the latest piece of necessary equipment that's "holding up the works" for Vu1 and their shipping. If there was good news, I would think Bill Smith would be very anxious to share it. If the news isn't good, then Bill Smith would be more inclined to wait for the last minute, hoping there might be a last minute change. It's not looking good. Surprise us, Bill.

    • If u look at the 10k report, vuoc is hiring smith side company as a consultant for over$100,000 a year?

    • I share your frustration. The costs of LED and other new tech lighting have been improving and coming down significantly in price over the past 4 years. VUOC may truly have missed its golden opportunity. So sad. I experienced this same bungling/missed opportunity with another company before I owned this one: OZON. Had great technology and many super applications, but they were unable to execute for similar and other reasons.

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