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  • STupidProfile605 STupidProfile605 Jul 2, 1999 8:47 AM Flag

    it's a start

    When purchasing a private companie, not
    announcing the terms of the acquisition is just as common as
    announcing them. Obviously, I don't know the percentage of
    announced versus unannounced that are successful, though
    that would be interesting.

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    • It's not only common, but usual that the
      preliminary report of a "privately" owned aquisition does NOT
      include purchase price.

      First, it is not required
      by SEC regs and the owners that have sold usually
      won't approve a press release - (aquisitions require
      mutual consent on press releases) - that discloses
      price. The owners may opt to expose it, but they would
      be opening themselves up to everyone (corporate,
      investment and personal) knowing how much they are now
      worth. In most cases, that's not desireable.

    • PCCC made a good move in acquiring. They have
      established federal customer list. It looks like PCCC is
      trying to add on more federal business. Doesn't their
      new VP of sales have experience with this market? The
      short term downside is acquisition costs and low margin
      sales. The long term upside is more value to PCCC as
      they can show higher sales growth.

      Independence Day.

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