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  • egims egims Jul 9, 1999 9:24 AM Flag

    Russell Index: A Major Announcement

    Just in case someone is not aware, this addition
    to the Russell Index is a major plus. This will
    greatly help to gain recognition and investments from the
    institutions. It adds credibility to PCCC as well as greater

    PCCC will be UP today.

    I might add that in
    addition to being added to the Russell just prior to
    another (their 2nd quarter) excellent and possibly record
    breaking earnings announcement is "perfect

    My compliments to PCCC, and Investor Relations! I
    can see where PCCC "will" start moving up in a big
    way and continue!

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    • They do have wonderful products. I'm sure they sell Spell & Grammar checkers. Maybe you should purchase one from them.

    • dream is goen for ever. Any body who has some
      insides please reply. Is this quarter going to be a big
      bomb, or a big storm or just water flood. Management
      reply will be appreciated. More investors coming soon
      to buy the trash and make the hash isn't

    • took a big loss on this piece of trash. not looking back. hope this company goes broke. already made some of my loss back on another stock . as a matter of fact, it was (grin)

    • all those employees with the courage to post their honest opinions.

    • The raccoon is busy rearranging the deck chairs
      on the Titanic. With very recent changes at PCCC,
      this stock will drop like a rock. Bale out on your
      PCCC stock now....send a clear message to the PCCC
      managers....the nonsense must stop now.

    • If you guys would like a good stock pick try
      buying some HDOG.It has alot of movement and it is
      really cheap.I have made alot of money on it while I`m
      waiting for my PCCC to go up.Just some food for thought.

    • Yes, Big Matt...I heard the same. Big meeting
      tonight regarding of all things...commission
      restructuring. Did this not too long ago they want to
      heave more onto the sales staff. You will see the good
      ones leave and they will be left with ones that won't
      produce enough for them.

      Numbers don't look mgmt. wants to please all with good looking
      numbers and the salespeople suffer once more but are
      expected to sell more. Do they not think that employees do
      have a breaking point...especially in a good job

      I found today that they surprisingly have some
      stock in Compaq server hard where else to
      be found...not Insight, not CDW, not PC Zone. Why is
      this you ask? Is it because they have miraculously
      become Compaq's preferred's because
      they have stock sitting on their shelves that's not

      Things are not good there...morale is very low and it's
      not just from a few gripers. Middle mgmt. is taking
      the heat but it's uppper mgmt. that sets

      Outlook does not look good...I've stopped doing business
      with them. I've tried to contact their upper managment
      and they seem to be too busy to deal with a $2million

      I hope that the good employees there do move on to
      better places to work where they are appreciated.

    • Big Pow-Wow tonight at the old Raccoon HQ. You
      think there will be any good news for investors? Nope.
      But I predict some moderate ship-jumping will

      How could a sales-driven company make more money on
      the dollar? Be more agressive with purchasing? Cut
      overhead? Thin management? Naahhhhh..... seems like the
      best thing is to cut the salespeoples pay.

      love it when the investors here belittle the
      importance of employee morale - not realizing that the
      employees are the ones SELLING the product to make the
      numbers. No incentive - no sales. No sales - no earnings.
      It's that simple. And it will be in their face in the
      near future.

      Have fun holding at $17. I'll pick
      up your shares when you dump them at $2.


    • sotry behinde pccc. It look the ceo of pccc is
      hiding under neath the table scared from the public to
      come and jump over her. No news coming, no knew
      events. Emplyee and investors getting angry and tired of
      hearing nothing but junk. Some big poss should come
      forward and take over the company and save its face. This
      ceo nothing but a useless number in the company.
      Anybody like to say what is happening go ahead.

    • Face it, this sucker is dead meat.The only time
      we will see a 3 or 4 point move to the upside is at
      earnings announcement.(God help us if pccc doesn't make
      it's number.)Every stockholder of pccc should e-mail
      the CEO,and all officers of this company immediately
      and ask what the heck's going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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