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  • bigmkc1 bigmkc1 Mar 17, 2010 1:53 PM Flag

    This is rich

    I am sure none of you "investors" have taken the time to actually read the filing on this wonderful partnership.

    I find it revealing that both firms are owned by a common parent. The rest is so transparent I won't bore you with all of these pesky details. Just wait til that lockup period is over and the VC's liquidate their millions of shares. I wouldnt want to be on the wrong side of that equation.

    This is better than even I could have imagined. Harolds right buy buy buy and never sell, better than GE in 1903! MSGI is going to save the WORLD!

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    • I don't know why the market has shut this jackoff down ???

      This is not an not for people putting money in it for all these yeats!!!


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      • you seem very upset and angry? why? wonder why this economy is in trouble people over react when things don't go their way when they want it. ups and downs! part of life get over it! all the new from MSGI is very good. do you think your angry attitude is going to make me sell or stop investor from buying.
        - serious Madison And Wall Investments, LLC. just Retired $12 Million In Debt Eliminating Five Convertible Debt Instruments
        thats 12 million

        i bet you own shares admit it - you do don't you

    • 1st please provide the readers of this message board Facts!
      - there was no “filing” to read as this is all bombshell news.

      plus MSGI and Franklin Energy both own MSGI Energy.
      check out the talent that jeremy brought to msgi!

      also if the Madison And Wall Investments, LLC. were in a rush to get out they would have never signed any lockup of the prefered shares.

      Retire $12 Million In Debt Eliminating Five Convertible Debt Instruments this is a serious commitment but regardless of facts you will still bash msgi why?

      again i point to the new guys jeremy brought into the picture view for yourself

      put it on the table why are you really bashing and misleading people?? whats your agenda.
      word to the wise research the current events of msgi and it's very clear

      - Franklin Power & Light, LLC "PARTNERSHIP"
      - Madison And Wall Investments, LLC. and the previous holders of all Convertible Notes from December 2006 and March 2009. The buyer will acquire all the notes valued at $10,250,000 plus $1.8 million in accrued interest.

      it's all thier! -- and im going to give you a serious warning as these board are not anonymous -- so please provide factual information and do not defame or spread misinformation or trust me i have the means to sue you for trying to destroy the reputation of a great company doing great things!

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