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  • aleli_99 aleli_99 Apr 24, 1999 3:05 AM Flag

    Newbie need help!

    Since some weeks now i am watching MSGI, and i am
    still waiting for a good entry point for the long term.
    The volatility is very difficult to handle for me.
    The fundamentals are great. Is it still to early to
    buy now? Will we see the teens again? Thank you!

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    • My post was not in reference to MSGI.
      It was in response to a spam for TPEG.

    • I assume the shorts are the salmon in this analogy! They will at least die with a smile on their scaly bodies!

    • Big players behind this company and compare this
      stock to the others:

      Rev.(12/31/98) Float
      Market Cap.
      MSGI >50M 6.6M 410M
      DCLK 82M 16.2M
      MMPT 43M 2.6M 371M
      TFSM 20M 3.3M 783M
      NETG 11.6M
      11.3M 740M

      MSGI rev. will be over 100M, so
      32.5 it's still a very good price. The long term
      investor will be the biggest winner.
      I own DCLK and
      NETG, but I can't imagine MSGI price in just 2 years...

    • eom

    • Look, the comparisons to CMGI are incorrect. MSGI
      is not an Internet incubator like CMGI. The
      important thing to remember is that MSGI is affiliated with
      CMGI. Today, there is only one CMGI and all of the
      other Internet incubators are wannabe's. Only WCAP has
      been able to hang even on the pant cuffs of

      MSGI's is a strong SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG term play
      because it is affiliated with CMGI, not because it is
      like CMGI.

      MSGI will be hovering around the
      $100-110 mark pre-split by July given the recent news, GE
      share conversion, management change and their upcoming
      posting on the NASDAQ national board. Just because YAHOO!
      and others list this as NASDAQ, they are still not
      national and when that becomes official, analysts initiate
      coverage and major mutual funds can invest, watch this
      baby rise.

      I am in at $8, $19, $27 and, yes,
      even a modest 1,000 shares at $56. I am feeling very
      good about this investment. If you want to day trade
      this stock, have at it. Just be on the long side far
      more than the short or else you will get burned.

      I have been to Alaska and wacthed salmon swim up
      waterfalls. You know what happens when they get up there?
      They die. Shorts will die here too.

    • Ifyou think this is a pump and dump, do more
      research. IF, AND THAT IS JUST HYPOTHETICAL, then the pump
      an dump is done ($8 to $60 in two weeks).

      fact is, this is NO pump and dump. This is the real
      deal. Take a moment and read the links to the recent
      articles, realize GE Capital and CMGI are major players and
      MSGI generates real revenues and makes, YES MAKES,
      real money.

      If you smell a pump and dump, you
      need olfactory help.

    • MSGI; this is a good stock to keep an eye on.

      But I don't like RRRR as much at least for now.

      With GE owning a big portion of this company I expect
      more from MSGI then RRRR.

      I'm considering
      shorting RRRR


    • Please go to this URL. It will explain it much better than I ever could. Good Luck-------and stay-------LOOOONG

    • its a moneymaking company ... check it out ... LONG MSGI since $15 ... we're on our way ... in May MSGI rocks !!!

    • I've read MSGI purchased Stevens-Knox &
      Associates for about $3 million (old news i know) but what
      exactly does a list management company do?

      for the dumb question but I really would like to


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