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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Nov 8, 2012 5:38 PM Flag

    Boeing - Restructure of Defense Division

    I fully realize that, which is why is so sad that Boeing has to cut staff. So sad that so many American jobs are sent to India. So sad that SAIC screws up so many contracts that they have to RIF periodically. So sad that IBM has it's Roadkill 2015 plan ongoing. So sad that IBM US staffing is now 84,500. It would be FAR better to employ AMERICAN WORKERS!!!!

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    • A on of people are being laid off as old contract roll off. The fiscal year ended 1 Oct. Resumes are pouring in. That is a fact of where the defense biz is. Some of these people will receive jobs back in the biz for 15-30% less pay. Some will get jobs in the non-DoD sector. A lucky few will retire. Most will be screwed and have to take a serious cut in standard of living. That is a fact.

      The current administration policies will exacerbate a grim situation... hope you had a chance to vote. Now move on. SAIC has already indicated they will split up.. My guess is the two parts will be bought or merged out of existance in five years. As an investor, this might be good news. Hopefully, some of the people laid off have a few shares and can make a few bucks too.