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  • fruitebat27 fruitebat27 May 29, 2013 1:49 AM Flag

    SAI splitting into 2 companies in 2014

    Could this split value the 2 separate companies more then the whole? Disaggregation was all the rage of the 80's only to find it didn't create any real value. SAI has hardly been in the business of creating value for anyone other then the company execs, this was true when I had been unfortunate to work there.

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    • I thought they were splitting in 2013?

    • Fruit,

      The execs obviously share your disdain and contempt for SAIC. I believe they are leaving the SAIC logo with all the low-margin, low-growth business behind to move on to Leidos. I guess that is one way to try to wipe the stink off. CITYTIME scandal has SAIC barred from work in NY and NYC, but not Leidos.. yeah, maybe that type of thing. All the sins of the past and #$%$ business decisions made in the past 10 years get buried with SAIC.

      Happy now? You should be. The cynical execs running the show for the past year have at least got the stock price up, They instituted not just a dividend, but also a special dividend. Found a way to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of their businesses ... and even had a handy excuse the Obama admin gave them for cover to do it.

      Unless you are the poor dope that bought stock near 20 as an employee and dumped it under 12, you might be happy or at least disinterested.

    • A split by itself will not increase the value of the pieces. Management says conflicts of interests are plaguing their bid win process resulting in loss of total contracts. Management is saying that since each piece will be able to go off unencumbered by the other they will win more business and be more efficient in the markets they serve. Should I ask you if you would like to buy a bridge next? Lets watch and see as the theory plays out in the fructose.