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  • colinm8 colinm8 Sep 5, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    So, whats the mood now after the #$%$ earnings report?

    How many of you are still planning to stick with it and think the split will be positive? Not judging anyone's opinion. Just curious. Personally, I don't know what to think at the moment and I've been a buy and hold guy on SAI.

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    • I am still holding as well. I see/hope better times ahead. I was hoping for a better qtr report, something more positive going into the split. But we got what we got. It is concerning to me we don't see more news stories and general information about the split. I may be in a different position than others here. Most of my shares were purchased in the 90's in the ESPP so my shares price is very, very low. Not an SAIC employee now.. but still holding the shares.

    • Just stick with it. In my opinion that would be quite positive for the company. The stock could be down huge after the latest earnings but someone is buying and it is holding fine.

      Makes sense to hold or buy to average down here..

      Sentiment: Buy

    • sai is always getting good contracts and it seems that the split that is coming is a positive for the co. and yet there is this doubt that hangs over this co. like a grey at times is not good enough however i am staying in and holding on......