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  • ddschwaner ddschwaner May 18, 2012 1:39 PM Flag

    is SVVC a steal at this price?

    serious input

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    • eventually, but it may dip back to 14-15 range. This stock always seem to trade well below it's NAV prior to FB buzz. Imagine it's a pretty great investment for the long-term investors. When you back out cash, it's trading at almost a 50% discount to it's NAV.

    • Most people buy SVVC for FB. Why would you even want to own SVVC when you can buy FB itself. FB is a steal. SVVC has many private companies which when go public it can trounce like FB is now. My money is on FB and Not SVVC

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      • I know they have 171 million roughly in cash and 8.5 million shares... so thats $20.00 sitting in cash per share. Then even if you take facebook at $30 per share, its worth right there over $2.00 per share NAV

        so for $22 you would own all the cash at $20.00 per share and the Facebook stock if valued at $30 only... and still have stock in twitter, intevac, yelp and others...

        so yes, its truly below fair value... but margin calls may have slammed it hard... some people sold for big losses and had to give up...

    • I'm not sure I would call it a steal, but if you own already my opinion is hold. This seems to be trading below NAV now and should eventually find it's way back close to NAV. This has traded below NAV before all the FB hype and has also traded well above NAV a few times over the past couple months. To be honest, I am feeling really sick as I went long a couple weeks ago at around $27.00. I will admit that I was greedy and hoping to make an easy profit. I did not think this could go much below $25 or so given the NAV is around there.

      The overall market seems very bearish right now and this may definitely continue to drop some more but for someone like me who has a 30% loss today I am just gonna hold.

      Good luck to all, this has really been a terrible day for many here.

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