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  • needinfo117 needinfo117 Jul 30, 2013 7:43 AM Flag

    Do not understand

    Why no movement ??? I would think FB would lead the way .

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    • still baffled no volume no interest//what am I missing??? even with the cash FB and Twitter are worth the risk

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    • July 30 we started this discussion , now about a month later investors are waking up. They already missed out on 20% but they still have a chance at the next 100%

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    • The problem is Kent L. is not doing his job in investing our cash. It's been 11 1/2 yrs plus with this high cash. If he only showed reducing our cash position this would take off. the only other catalyst is Twitter IPO. He either needs to do his job or leave.

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      • Yelp at 52 week high. Solar City busted out. Facebook above IPO price now and this stock is only at $21. Go Figure

      • rlolsen,
        I agree with you...but at the same time the markets are at all time highs. I would be a little hesitant investing all my cash at this point as well. Had he done it 2 years ago+, well that's a different story. Maybe he's waiting for a giant pull back before pulling the trigger on a little more of his cash. Who knows? Also, SVVC is still invested in many, many companies that aren't public yet. They could also be saving the cash to wait and see how the market treats all these companies once they go public. Look what happened to FB, perhaps he should have invested some cash when it was worth $20. Had he done that, we would be in high $20s. Not easy to wheeled that much cash, but that would be a good example of why you would hold cash, so that you can average down if a security gets clubbed in the market. I imagine that he didn't pull the trigger because he was still even if not positive on FB holdings?? Had it gone to $10, I bet they would have bought some.

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    • I never understood it either. That's why I just trade the stocks they own. I've gotten a much better return than leaving my money here. Especially with Solar City. Twitter IPO coming soon though, so this fund might get busy again.

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