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  • margin321 margin321 Jun 9, 2004 8:57 AM Flag

    ISIL is catching the XICO disease


    (ATML has it as well for that matter)

    Tons of press releases announcing great new products, NO release of any reveue estimates from the products, and no impact on share price.

    I really think it would make a HUGE difference if they would include 1 extra line in these releases.

    "We hope to ramp up to 15 million in sales of this product by full year 2005. (forward looking statement)."

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    • expressed the same frustration, it can be said that a product press release is not the appropriate forum to let investors and analysts know who you're selling to and what you're charging those who buy your product.
      Remember, one persons margin is another person's overpayment. I've mellowed on this issue (as you can see...)

      I've been tapping sources to discover if Xicor has a position in the DLP product line which I belive will redefine the flat screen market.


    • You're right. I'd rather hear about design wins. Who's using these products?

      For example, this quote is from your post on the recent SB Citigroup conference:

      "Talked about many areas including DVD drivers (#1 for 7 years), video displays, DSL drivers (good everywhere but 100% market share in Japan)"

      This makes me wonder how many design wins they neglected to mention on the way to #1 in DVD drivers, or one the way to #1 in Japan in DSL drivers.

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      • As an ex-Xicorian, I have to disagree that ISIL is anything like XICO when it comes to product announcements. It's true that neither one gives revenue estimates or design win info with their announcements, but how common is that with ANY semi company? I'd love to see it, too.

        In my opinion, the sheer VOLUME of product announcements from ISIL is impressive in itself. In the Raphi days, Xicor never released very many new products. We had various internal projects to try to streamline the process, but were never able to get it right. It's a lot more than just coming up with a neat new design. You have to develop test programs, manufacturing instructions, spec sheets, internal cost/revenue estimates, spec sheets, marketing literature, application programming notes, etc., etc., and then actually test it and get some manufactured BEFORE you announce it (hopefully). Raphi's Xicor was hopelessly disorganized and every product re-invented the process from scratch. Lou understood this and improved it. ISIL seems to be good at it. It's CRITICAL to success. Good product ideas are useless if you can't run product releases like an assembly line. If you're releasing high QUALITY products, that's even better. But QUANTITY is a good thing, in any case. Sorry to go on about this, but it was such a huge frustration in the "old" Xicor.

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